100 B.I.S.F. Houses, Golf Course Estate, West Molesley 1949

Historical Document Series

This British Iron & Steel Federation archive document shows the actual building cost of each individual B.I.S.F. House, located in the West Molesley area of Surrey.

Special attention is drawn to the reference made toward paying for the provision of Prisoners of War, who were sometimes used to build these houses in various locations across the country.

Contractors:       Geo. Parker & Sons.

Commenced:     June 1946.

Completed:         December 1947.

Actual Building Cost per house£1,562.
Architects & Quantity Surveyor’s Fees, Supervision, loan charges, etc£22

Site Cost£110
Roads & Sewers£63
Total Cost Per House£1,757
Government Grant for extra cost over Traditional Building and for extra cost of Prisoner of War Labour£257
Cost Per House To Council£1,500

Cost is met by loans from the Public Works Loan Board raised for the following periods and rates:


There is a Government subsidy of £16.10.0. per house per annum and the Council are required to contribute £16.10.0. per house per annum from the rares, and both these subsidies continue for 60 years. The rent from lst April 1949 will be 18s.6d. per week, plus 8s.8d. per week rates. At this rent and subsidies, and Allowing for repairs and management, these houses are self supporting.

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