During our never ending search for B.I.S.F House related archive material, we came across a very rare photograph indeed . At first glance, the image appeared to show nothing more than men, busily at work on a building site. On the rear of the image was a handwritten note titled, ‘B.I.S.F Experimental House – Foundation […]

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Aberdeen City Council is currently seeking tenders to carry out renovation and refurbishment work on 20 BISF properties in Aberdeen. The planned works comprise of the repair to the fabric & structure of the BISF houses and include the application of external wall insulation and external wall render along with re-decoration of the existing windows. […]

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During our research we have stumbled across an excellent publication written by the very talented author Mr Ralph Cousins. This publication provides a unique insight into the history and eventual  development of the Leigh Park Housing estate in Portsmouth. Published in PDF format, the book offers a fascinating glimpse of the areas rich history throughout […]

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In 1957 the Monsanto house was touted as the new home for the future. It combined large plastic panels into a futuristic radical new design, never before seen in the housing market.  Monsanto were convinced at the time, that within 10 years, many of the ideas incorporated into this space age design, would become common […]

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This is a list of current and demolished tower blocks in the Birmingham area. EDGBASTON – 114 Towers LEE BANK (ATTWOOD GREEN) – 49 Towers (14 Towers Demolished) VICE ROY CLOSE – 14 Towers LEE BANK ESTATE – 12 Towers (5 Towers Demolished 2001, 2003 & 2007) BELLE VIEW / BEN MORE AVENUE – 11 […]

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An External Wall Insulation Solution For Welsh BISF & Prefabricated Housing This article was first published in 2016 Wrexham County Borough Council outline their push in getting homes ready for the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by installing External Wall Insulation as a solution for tackling fuel poverty in some of its coldest homes… Wrexham County […]

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In the early 1980s, a fire occurred inside a Airey house which caused extensive damage. Most of the internal wall materials had been destroyed leaving the PRC structure exposed to reveal a number of worrying structural defects. Serious cracking was found in the structural PRC columns caused by inadequate protection of the embedded steel reinforcements […]

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I came across this very interesting and informative essay written by a student and submitted to the UK Essays website. The paper, titled, ‘Asbestos In Buildings: Types and Health Effects’, describes the various types of asbestos that was once commonly used within the UK building industry. The paper also points out that identification of asbestos […]

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HEEPS is the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland. This is the Scottish Governments initiative to tackle fuel poverty and increase energy efficiency in homes. HEEPS is a cluster of programmes currently including: Area Based Schemes (ABS) Warmer Homes Scotland Home Energy Scotland Loan Scheme Equity Loan Pilot Scheme Calls about HEEPS are managed by […]

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Extensive improvement work is due to be carried out to properties on the Plas Madoc Estate. This is part of Wrexham Council’s project to ensure all homes in the County Borough achieve the Welsh Government’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2020. The improvements will include installing External Wall insulation and carrying out roofing improvement work […]

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Dramatic New Makeover for 100 council houses in Coedpoeth Nearly 100 council houses in one local village have undergone a dramatic makeover as part on an ongoing housing improvements project. The houses and flats in the Coedpoeth area have recently benefited from having External Wall Insulation installed on their outside walls. The work is designed […]

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This excellent set of images were taken by our guest user Rusla during the removal and installation of a new back door to their BISF house. The gallery shows every stage of the removal process and in particular, the removal of the door frame.

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Image Gallery showing the Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Frame Stanchion Legs of a BISF House. The chances of a BISF house suffering from severe corrosion to the frame is fortunately rare, however corrosion at the base of the stanchion legs does occasionally occur, particularly in properties that have not been well maintained or […]

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BISF House Architectural Building Plans We have a variety of BISF Type A1  architectural building plans in our archive that we shall be sharing over the coming weeks with our members. Our re-touched plans are based on original documents that have been re-drawn or cleaned and enhanced to improve viewing quality. In some cases certain […]

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I have ripped the inside of my house out. Fireplace gone. Built a new wall in the larger front bedroom close to the edge of the window knocking down the wall in the little room to create a decent size room where you can fit a four foot double now. All internal walls removed to […]

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The devastating Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 was, according to reports, made all the worse by the flammability of the insulated rainscreen panels that were affixed to the outside of the building which caused the fire to spread at astonishing speed and as a result 80 lives were tragically lost in the inferno. This […]

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We spend a huge amount of time in our livings rooms. It’s an important retreat, a space to relax, unwind or entertain. It’s the perfect place to leave behind the stresses of the day and unwind. A space that should be calm, yet functional for our everyday needs. Sadly, my living room wasn’t really achieving […]

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