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Hi, I'm in the process of buying my property and looking for a surveyor in the Essex area, any recommendations?

How ideas/tips on how best to hang things on the wall, shelf etc?




Hi Sam, apologies for not responding to you sooner as I have just returned from Annual leave and as this isn't my main occupation, the last few days have been a little hectic.

In relation to a surveyor, you could try contacting Mr Barry Smith who is a qualified surveyor who has a great deal of experience with BISF surveys. He can be contacted on 0208 446 4650.

As for wall hangings, that would depend on your wall lining material. Some BISF were fitted with plasterboard wall linings and some with hardboard. For a pretty good fixing on both, albeit sometimes a little tricky to get to work correctly, I would suggest Cavity Anchors like the one below which can also be used with its own insertion tool.


FN0146005 40
If you have plasterboard walls then I have also found Rawl fixings to be an easier to install option.
F3788977 01

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