Archived Posts are currently being merged into our new Q&A system.  


In order to provide a better browsing experience for our members and guests, we are currently in the process of merging our archived Q&A's into the newer Question & Answer system that we now use.

We have tried to reduce the number of e-mail alerts that our members may receive during the transfer by reposting many of the archived posts under the account name 'Archived Q&A's'.

In cases where the original question and answers are deemed to be highly informative, we will endeavour to re-post the original post and subsequent replies to the account of the original author.

This may result in some of our users receiving e-mail notifications informing them that: A new question has been posted by them or that a new answer to a question has been received.

We cannot disable these alerts in system but if you do find these alerts to be unwanted, please let us know at [email protected] and we will remove your details from out database and re-post the relevant information anonymously.

We appreciate your  understanding in this matter as we highly value all our users past contributions to this community.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these e-mails may cause.




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