Are tiles too heavy?  




I was wondering if it would be okay to put tile flooring and some tiles on the shower area, around the sink, toilet and bidet. I am worried that they would be too heavy for the structure of the house to hold. This is the second floor bathroom. 

Does anyone have tiles in their bisf house? 


Thank you 


hi @Bisfadvice it is perfectly ok to put tiles on the walls and floor - we moved into our BSIF house in October and the bathroom had tiles on the walls. Its since been gutted and our plumber is currently fitting a whole new bathroom including tiles on the walls and floor.

see pics below

I can see from the post that some of my photos have duplicated ! I don't know how to delete them but I hope you get an idea from what I mean with them




IMG 3491
IMG 2823
IMG 3491
IMG 3489
IMG 3459
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IMG 3503
IMG 3416
IMG 2827
IMG 2825


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