Arrowhead House  


Hello all,


I found this website today, which I have been reading through, and found it to be very informative and helpful.


I own an Arrowhead house and am looking to sell it. Until now I have not had any concerns and I admit I am quite and anxious person so please excuse my post, I am in full on panic mode now worrying about issues that could arise (not that I have any real basis for this at the current time).


I had a full structural engineers report done just over 9 years ago that exposed the steel frame and found it to be in reasonable condition. The roof is tiled and not asbestos but I did need to have additional bracing added to get a mortgage, which of course has been done.


I guess I am looking for reassurance regarding the a) potential/likelihood for problems arising when the buyers have a structural engineers report done and b) the cost/ease of any repairs to correct any issues.


I don’t believe the property is deemed as defective and I do not believe it to be a prefabricated type house which I believe have some issues with the steel inside the concrete- but please let me know if I am wrong.

So would anyone be able to help me please understand if an Arrowhead house would be considered a BISF house? If a problem with the steel was found can anyone give an estimate of the costs to repair? I know this is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string but any guidance would be great, I got so much comfort reading that BISF houses can be repaired in the thousands, not tens of thousands!


In my current mindset I am concerned that my home will not be repairable or it would cost tens of thousands plus which is just not something I would be able to afford. I don’t know if this would leave me and my family homeless....


Also can anyone advise if repairs would be covered under building insurance or is this considered wear and tear?


Does anyone know if it’s possible to take out an indemnity policy in these situations and if I would be able to get one before a potential buyer instructs a report (the house is due to go on the market tomorrow so I don’t have a buyer yet).


I would very much appreciate anyone’s help and time with this matter.





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