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Can anyone recommend a firm that will insure a BISF house? We are struggling to find buildings insurance. We are in Cardiff.


Hi Carol, I'm surprised to hear you're having an issue.

There are many insurance companies who will insure BISF houses. Personally, I'm with Halifax but Home Protect will also quote you and their link can be found on the main forum page.

Also try searching for Non Standard home insurance and try using an insurance comparison site as prices can vary quite a bit.

When selecting the build material, you need to select prefabricated - non combustible as that is the most appropriate for BISF houses.

There's also several posts on this site where you can find more information.

I've just completed a search with for a made up address in Aberdulais Road Cardiff, based on buildings and contents for a couple with no children.

Their questionnaire actually asks for the building type and gives suitable results.

I've posted a screengrab below for you. Always make sure you ring up the provider to confirm details if you intend to accept an online policy.



Let us know how you get on.

Thank you for this. It is interesting that you say select prefabricated non combustible as I was told by one firm to select metal for the walls he specifically mentioned BISF houses in this context. Is this wrong? Should I get it changed? That was Swinton. We looked at them because the current owners insure with them.


Hi Carol, most insurers have a selection drop down menu when it comes to the roof material and the wall fabric. There is often a small info link at the side of the dropdown that when clicked, states that you should select the material most closely related to the options available.

When selecting the roof material for example, and supposing you have a lightweight steel roof such as Decratile, there is no specific option to select steel tiles, The closest option is therefore corrugated steel which is what would be selected.

It's a similar situation with walls, They want to know what the primary wall fabric is constructed from. Primary, being the material used to cover the largest surface area of the property. In a standard BISF house, the exterior walls appear to be almost a 50/50 split but the steel cladding on the top of the property does cover a slightly larger area, so in reality, it is more like 60% steel cladding/ 40% render (to the lower half).

In your case, through speaking to the insurer directly (which is always advisable), you have notified them that the primary fabric covering the largest area is steel, which is correct. You would have been equally correct had you stated that the property walls were 'Prefabricated/ Non-Combustible', because it is essentially the same material. (Steel sheeting that has been pre-fabricated and is non-combustible).

I don't think there is any need to change your description because in reality, by speaking directly, you have gone one step better than the drop down selection boxes and told them exactly what your walls are made from. 

The only other area where people sometimes go wrong, is stating that a certain proportion of the property has a flat roof, i.e the outhouse or a garage. In most cases, there is an info box on the quote page that states that you do not need to include garage or outhouse areas. So these should be omitted.

I hope you managed to get a good price, as in most cases, BISF Houses don't cost more to insure than standard brick houses. It's just that some insurers will deal with Non-Standard construction properties and some won't. The same can be said for mortgages. It's just the initial searching for the ones that do but when you find the right companies, there shouldn't really be any problem.

I hope this helps



The only people we could find to insure a metal roofed house were Churchill - mind you that was 20 years ago so things may have changed. We haven't made inquiries since - laziness I guess.


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