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Hi I’m currently purchasing a bisf house after doing lots off research I have found the forum very useful and interesting. My main concerns are the resale off the property and asbestos can anyone give me more information on where asbestosis would be apart from roof as already been told this is a new roof. And can I do anything to the structer make property mortgage able thanks Mel 


Hello Melanie, apologies for the delay in replying.

Take a look at this post

It should give you the information you require. We have other posts regarding asbestos which you can view by searching the main site. Just pop the term asbestos into the search bar at the very top right where you see the search icon. This will access articles as opposed to forum posts.

Apart from the asbestos roofing sheets, a BISF houses will on average, contain about the same amount of asbestos related material as any other post war house. (that's if the material hasn't already been removed by previous occupants).

The only horror story I have heard of, involved the removal of a corrugated asbestos roof. In this case, the cement panels were smashed up and left inside the loft space, rather than being removed. The new occupant had to pay a specialist company to remove the waste.

Other than that, the majority of asbestos used was low risk level grade asbestos and unless damaged, should not pose a risk.


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