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I am trying to identify the construction of a house I would really like to buy, but can only do so with a 90% mortgage so need to know the type to know if anyone will lend (ideally before spending money on proceeding with surveys etc.).   From the title register, it was already built in 1956 as there was a covenant added then but how much before that I do not know and as it is in Maidstone, where the council have passed all their stock to a housing association and will not answer requests about these houses, I have struggled to work it out.   Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

The address is 32 Queen's Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0LJ (the one in the middle in the photo attached).


32 Queens Road ME16 0LJ

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I've taken a look at the properties in general and others in the locality but as yet I can find no reference to these buildings being of a non traditional construction.

Can you you provide a little more information as to why you think this may be the case please?

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Thank you, and sorry I’ve realised I didn’t explain that very well.   The estate agent said when I viewed that is was non-traditional and that they thought concrete construction but they couldn’t tell me more, in fact they said ask the neighbours who bought theirs this year which I did but he was clueless (and had bought with cash so no mortgage lender to bring it to his attention, I guess).   When I have googled concrete houses I cannot find any in this shape (with the low roof and dormers) so don’t know if that means it’s just an obscure version or not, or a different type of non traditional?   


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