Doncaster: demolition of 50 Howard houses  


Does anyone on the forum know anything about the decision to demolish 50 Howard houses in Wheatley, Doncaster?

What was the consultation process? Were people happy with the decision? What about private owners who've lost their houses?

From what I've seen, the council decision was based on the incorrect belief that Howards are on the defective list, and asbestos issues. But I would be interested to know why other local authorities like Oxford have no plans to demolish.

Thanks in advance. Oxford Jon





I'll have a look into this John.

Sadly I've spent most of last week in hospital but I'm back in the office now. I've seen a few of the planning applications but they they give little away as to the full decision making process.

I may have to fire off a freedom of information request to gain full disclosure.

I'll keep you updated regarding progress.




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