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We are looking to build a double storey extension and are considering the best way to do this. We have thought about brick but as the house is of unconventional construction we are considering other materials to build the extension. We are unsure what materials would be suitable and would work well with the existing building. Are there any building companies that you can recommend around the West Midlands area. Thanks


Hi, I think your first port of call would be with your local authority building control team.

In short, these guys dictate what materials can and cant be used in the construction of your extension.

I have seen numerous brick built two storey BISF extensions during my travels around the country but I have yet to see one constructed using a steel frame similar to what these houses are constructed from.
I think the main problem you will face using steel, is connecting to the existing structure which building regs may not allow. The BISF house uses a steel frame that is much thinner and lighter than what would be required today.
You might also think that a steel framed extension may be cheaper to construct but in my somewhat limited experience, I have found that this is often not the case. Sometimes it is cheaper to use tried and trusted building methods which can often be faster and cheaper as all trades are aware of what is required to complete the job, whereby other methods can often throw up unforeseen problems that increase labour and material costs.

I don’t know any specific building companies in your area but I have seen several two storey extensions in the Sheldon area and one in Dugdale Crescent Sutton Coldfield. My advice would be to do some door knocking and speak to the home owners to find out who they used and what method of construction was undertaken. There’s nothing better than satisfied customers and a good recommendation.



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I have just completed a self build two storey extension to my BISF property, I used double skin block a conventional method, however you could use a timber frame construction. And as I assume you would want to encapsulate the existing as part of the project then I would suggest the new build be rendered or similar covering to match in with the existing.

Please feel free to ask me anything

Hi have you got any pictures of your extension that you could put up? Thanks


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