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Just joined as I am interested in buying a BISF property in Seaham.

Through this brilliant and informative site have established the property

was built by the above builder.

Could you good people give me any info. on background please.

Many thanks




Hello Neil,

Thank you for your kind comments. It's nice to know our efforts are appreciated.

I can't offer you much information on Gilbert Ash I'm afraid, They were one of many post war building companies who were given the task of constructing BISF Houses on various sites across the UK to meet the demands of the housing shortage.

There is a building company of the same name still in operation today and I presume they are possibly one and the same. I will drop the company directors an e-mail to see if they can shed any more light on this.

I have searched a number of local history archives from the  Seaham area in the hope of obtaining a little more information but to date, I have found no reference to Gilbert Ash or any specific information relating to BISF constructions.

I'll be sure to update you should this change.



Hi Marc,

               Thank you, much appreciated.



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