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Marc - what a struggle to get logged in.

Kept coming up with an error saying invalid user/password.

Only way I managed to get round it was to reset password and even that took 3 attempts.


Hi Jaybee, yes I just had exactly the same problem myself and had to password reset several times in an attempt to login.

I have just spent the morning behind the scenes trying to establish the cause and found out that one of the security programs that we use to prevent spam bots from logging in appears far too aggressive.

I have now altered the settings and all appears to be working again as it should. I just hope I don't see another avalanche of spam comments appearing in my control panel once again.

Please accept my apologies Jaybee and my apologies to any other user who experienced logging in issues. 

I hope we are now back to normal..... Fingers crossed.



Marc I have ran many fishing forums in the last 30 years - I know the problems 🙂

Far better that we have to try a couple of times to log in than the board get spammed.


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