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I hope someone can help. I am thinking of removing all of the timber studs in the walls and refitting the plaster boards by using metal studs. Has anyone tried this before? Is it a good idea? Also for the insulation part I am thinking of fitting the Kingspan or celotex plus rockwall for sound? Should I put sound and insulation together? I am a bit lost and would love some advice.


Thank you 


Welcome to our forum Bisfadvice. I hope I can assist you

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to install a Metal Studded partition inside a BISF House as long as you can find sufficient anchor points with the ceiling joists for your top track. Remember, that there are steel I beams in the ceiling, with free moving timber noggins sitting horizontally inside the channel into which the ceiling boards are fixed.  I have added a video below of a bedroom ceilings beams.

I tend to use traditional CLS, but the metal stud systems are definitely quicker to install, producing a nicely squared and accurate wall.

I personally prefer the rigidity of timber as it feels more structural but my Son, who used to be a partitioner, would choose the metal system every time. CLS timbers can often be warped or twisted but this is virtually eliminated with metal stud.

I don't see any reason why you cant combine the two types of insulation. I installed a glass fibre sound insulation product in my bathroom / rear bedroom wall with good effect.

I would suspect that better sound insulation would be achieved if you are able to increase the density within the limited cavity space available, but sound insulation is not really my field, and I hope someone else may be able to assist you further with this.


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