Replacement Roof in Coventry  


I am about to replace my existing asbestos  roof with a new Metrotile or Decra roof tile.

Has anyone in Coventry area recently had theirs  replaced ?

What sort of cost should I expect ? Any recommended companies would be helpful.


Hello Graham,

Firstly, may I say that having your existing roof replaced with a lightweight roofing system is probably one of the best investments that you can make in relation to your property.

I am starting to see more and more mortgage lenders picking up on existing corrugated asbestos roofs during surveys and they are not viewing them very favorably at all. In part, this is due to the fact that many are very near to the end of their lifespans. 

I would probably go so far as to say that in the not so distant future, it may become quite difficult to obtain a mortgage or to sell if the original asbestos roof has not been replaced. Therefore I would encourage anyone with an original asbestos roof to consider replacement.

You have mentioned two of the countries leading suppliers.

Decra is considered to be the market leader who pride themselves on producing a high quality, durable system. Decra is often the material of choice for many Local authorities and commercial enterprises and it does cost a little more than the Metrotile system.

The average or rough cost of a Decratile installation would be somewhere around £4-5k but there are many factors that can influence the overall cost, including scaffolding costs, existing roof removal and any ancillary products that may be required, such as replacement soffit boards etc if required.

The average or rough cost of a Metrotile roofing system is around £3-4k which can also vary for the same reasons as above.

I spoke to our friends at Decratile on Tuesday evening and I hope to receive further information very shortly regarding their approved installers in your area.

Our Friends at Metrotile have supplied me with the following list that should help in respect to their approved installers who cover Coventry.

RS Miller Roofing Ltd
01384 571144
Danescourt Roofing       
01902 791110
Dent & Partners              
01902 366 302
Dion Black – Labour Only
07500 114 791
Obviously, it's always worth getting a few different quotes, as each installer works independently from the manufacturer/ supplier and their prices may vary.
I will update you as soon as I receive a reply from Decratile.
Best regards



Mark Newson, the Divisional sales manager from Decra has contacted me this morning, and kindly offered to contact a few local installers, in order to gain a better idea of costings due to the fact that the old asbestos roof would need to be removed.

It may take a couple of days for a reply but meanwhile, here are his contact details.


Mark Newson

Divisional Sales Manager Decra

Mobile: 07702 129723

Thanks Marc,

That is really helpful, I will contact the companies you have suggested.




Hi Graham, you're very welcome.

Apologies for the delay but I'm currently in Italy and the wifi is virtually non-existent where I am staying.

Mark Newson has also provided the following approved installers that may be of benefit to you.

Jamek Construction 
07515 337434
Regent Maintenance
01325 360543
G Sweeting Roofing
07736 219627
Solihull Roofing
0121 707 7889
I hope this helps and please let us know how you get on with the installation.

Thanks for the contacts.


I have now had my roof replaced by Regent Maintenance, they did a great job at the best price.

I would definitely  recommend them.



Superb result Graham,

I have always heard good reports regarding regent and I have spoken to them several times in the past regarding roof structures, etc.

I'm so glad to hear that they gave you the best price and great service too.



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