Sound Proof  


Hi, what's the best way to soundproof the upstairs bedrooms so we can't hear the neighbours TV at nights?


Hi Michael,  as you may be aware, there is in fact a concrete block party wall that separates the two properties but unfortunately it offers little in the way of sound insulation.

One way is to remove the existing wall board and re-stud the wall with CLS timber to create a cavity, This cavity can then be filled with any number of different sound insulation materials before re-boarding with new plasterboard etc.

If you don't fancy ripping out the existing wall, you could fit sound insulation boards like those shown HERE   

Essentially, these are sheets of plasterboard with a layer of sound insulation attached to it. They can be bonded onto your existing drywall and skimmed with a fresh layer of plaster or over papered with a fibreliner such as WallRock before decorating.

There are many alternative systems  available to suit all costs but generally, I prefer to choose the most cost effective solutions that give the most bang for the buck.

Thanks for your reply. I still have the old hardboard up and there is a thin gap between the hardboard and breeze blocks. How deep would you make the stud wall? On the left I still have the inbuilt wardrobes. I guess I'll need to take those down if I build a stud wall?


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