Bathroom Refurbishment  


Jo Ilsley
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09/07/2018 12:35 pm  

We moved into our BISF house back in 2016 and since then we’ve been renovating on one room at a time! We finished our bathroom project last year and are so pleased with the result. I found a lot of useful information on this site prior to starting our project. We wanted to re-position/remove our soil pipe and weren’t sure of the best solution, we also wanted to install an extractor fan. We decided to move the soil pipe to the corner of the room making space for a toilet/sink unit. The old pipe was cut and removed completely. The new pipe comes into the kitchen just above ground level and then straight up internally into the bathroom from there. We then used the old hole in the roof for our extractor fan. We also had a new window fitted. You can see results in the photos attached.


DSC 1071
DSC 1070
DSC 1068
DSC 1066
DSC 1063
DSC 1061

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21/08/2018 6:45 am  

The bathroom is looking really astonishing.

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30/10/2018 5:17 pm  

@joilsley – your bathroom looks great! Is there any chance you could post some photos of the kitchen and what you have done with the soil pipe please ? We are looking at doing the same and would be great to see what it looks like.



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31/10/2018 1:15 am  

Hi Marissa, thank you for your kind words.

Sadly I didn’t take any images of the actual removal process and looking back I could kick myself for not doing so, as in my view, flue removal is a must, because it opens up the area and allows for far more modification to take place in the kitchen and the bathroom.

I’m actually hoping to change my kitchen units and layout soon as we have had them for a good few years now. At present, I’ve just tried to upgrade the area by fitting a wrap around worktop plus a few other enhancements until I can find the right kitchen for the house.

I’ll post a few photos below, because even though the current layout isn’t the best, it will at least give you an idea of the extra space that can be gained.

In my case, I managed to install two large larder units, the larger of which actually holds the central heating boiler but still allows for plenty of storage below.

kitchen 800

Most of the other kitchen photos I have are a little dark and don’t show the area where the old waste pipe once was so I’ll try and add a few more images for you tomorrow.

I’ll also try and take a photo of where the pipe actually comes back into the house, which is behind that large cupboard to the left of the sink. I did have to cut out a small area in the bottom of the cupboard, to make it fit flush.

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31/10/2018 10:30 am  

@joilsley that would be great thank you! does the door at the end go out to the outside toilet/coal shed area? it looks like your kitchen is pretty much the same as ours but our windows are on the opposite side to yours. Did you put your patio doors in? We want to extend our kitchen into the dining room and add patio doors like yours and also hoping to add a conservatory. We only moved in to the house 3 weeks ago so very early days for us. Great to see so much can be done to them!

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25/12/2018 7:46 am  

These photos are lovely. You have a really good bathroom. The most important room of the house! Congratulations!! 🙃 


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