Polystyrene Boarder  


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20/11/2018 1:36 pm  

Polystyrene ?

All around the rooms in our BISF house there appears to be a boarder of polystyrene –  its between the wall and the ceiling. Does anybody know if it is there for a particular reason? We are currently in the process of replacing the plasterboard in the bathroom and it was all around the top.

I have no photos at the moment but will get some an upload them.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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24/11/2018 4:30 pm  


I have the same in my house, the polystyrene around all the corners.

When you remove it there is a gap.

This didn’t bother me as I have over boarded the walls and ceilings with new plasterboard and then had it skimmed.

Looks great now.

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27/11/2018 12:01 am  

Hi Both,

yes, just as Graham has mentioned, polystyrene coving was often used by homeowners to fill the small gap between the walls and the ceiling board.

In most traditional built properties of the time, the walls and ceilings were usually plastered or ‘skimmed’ over.  Any joint gaps were covered with paper plasterboard tape to hide the joints.

In many, but not all BISF houses, the wall boards were taped but the joint between the wall and ceiling boards often were not. This is why many homeowners chose to fit either plaster of polystyrene coving.

I agree with what Graham has done. I think it’s generally better to overboard and re-skim, as the walls look far flatter and crisper too, for a relatively low outlay.

Alternatively, if the existing boards are badly  warped, you could remove the old and re-fit new.


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27/11/2018 1:12 pm  

@bisfadmin and @graham thank you for your responses. Would you suggest over boarding all walls in the house instead of replacing? Also we aren’t sure what to do with the ceilings ? Could we overboard these as well? Bathroom is in a particular mess and my husband has already removed a number of the boards – both bathroom and kitchen ceilings are going to have down lights put in next week (full house rewire) – how would we go about over boarding once this has been done.



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