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01/05/2012 3:53 pm  

Hello Lynne
So glad that you managed to get your landlord insurance.
As you say a typical private homeowner insurance would be around half that amount but having little experience in the landlord insurance area it is hard to make a compariosn.
Saying that, at least your cover is now in place.

Thank you for the information regarding Towergate. They appear to be another one to add to the ‘we don’t do asbestos roofs’ list.

Your neighbours comments are very interesting as BISF houses were built during a 6 year production period give or take a few months.
I would have expected 1951 to have been the latest year of manufacture but I’m sure that some of the original building projects could well have continued past this date depending surplus stock of BISF frames etc.

It might be worth digging deeper into the Sheldon history regarding this.

I will see what I can find.

Marc 🙂

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01/05/2012 11:58 pm  

Thanks admin. I haven’t actually bought the house yet, just put an offer in today (pretty low, reflecting the issues with finance & insurance). I may well get outbid, but at least I was able to demonstrate the knowledge to justify my low offer!

We do have other buy-to-lets of conventional build and, after shopping around, typically pay around £130 – £170 for insurance on those.

The neighbours I was speaking to said they’d been the first in their house when the street was built, and that before they got married they (or, presumably, one of them) had lived in another one round the corner, from when that was built in 1952. It’s quite a big estate, must be 2-300 houses I guess, so I suppose it could have taken 2 or 3 years for all the houses to go up.

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02/05/2012 1:34 pm  


Just jumping through hoops now to get my buildings and contents insurance;

Area – TW17
Rebuild cost – £140,000
Property Built – 1946

Churchill – £432
Tesco – £385
Woolwhich – My mortgage lender will not insure the house!

Not found anyone else that will cover yet so I will try the ones above. Thanks for the tip.

lynne m
 lynne m
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02/05/2012 7:53 pm  

hi tanya
I just had the same problem over the last few days looking for building insurance. I have now insured with kwik fit. might be worth a try .

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10/09/2012 10:30 am  

Towergate refused to insure my house only because roof is made of Corrugated Metal.

I do not understand why? I found companies advertising corrugated metal roof sheats. I am confused.

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07/10/2013 5:36 pm  

I moved into a BISF house in Somerset just a week ago. I’ve spent much of today missing from work so that I could try and find an affordable insurance quote, and I haven’t managed it so far.

In brief (* these all resulted from telephone calls):
Post Office = none of their ten brokers will cover the house*
Santander = £378.97*
NFU = £355.98*
More>Than = construction type not covered
Prudential = construction type not covered*

So far I’m still uninsured, and uninsurable unless it’s going to be around £130 over my expected budget. Ouch.

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08/10/2013 9:45 am  

Hi and welcome Pete, I’m in Bath and took out building and contents insurance with Halifax at the same time as getting a mortgage with them in Dec 2011. It is £28 per month for a house price of £125 000 and rebuild cost of £105 000 (from memory) and a mid level of contents insurance. This thread has got me thinking about whether I could get a better deal elsewhere!

Logically a steel roof should be less problematic than a tile one as it’s less likely to leak and probably cheaper to replace so I think insurance companies are just refusing to deal with something a bit unusual or think they can charge extra for it.

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