Mowlem Poured Concrete in-Situ House  


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The Mowlem Poured Concrete in-Situ House


Construction Type

Period Constructed
.Numbers Built

W Airey & Sons Ltd
R Costain Ltd

Precast Reinforced Concrete

Sir Frederick Gibberd
Airey duo-slab house.26,000

Build Types

  • Bungalows
  • Terraced
  • 2 Storey Semi Detached
  • 3 Storey Semi Detached

Construction Details
Solid cavity wall. Cast in-situ concrete form of construction, first used in 1952 but mainly in the period 1962 to 1981. Construction substitutes mass concrete for the inner blockwork walls of traditional housing. Solid wall types 225mm thick cast in lightweight concrete, rendered externally. Cavity wall types with an ‘inner leaf of 100-­‐125mm thick concrete, separated by a 2″ cavity, reinforcement in both skins located in 4 horizontal bands above and below window openings.

Foundation Exterior Walls Roof Ground
Upper Floor
Concrete slab on Strip foundation Brick outer.
2″ Cavity
4″ – 5″ Aerated Poured Concrete inner wall
Trussed rafters. Concrete tiles.  Concrete Timber boards on Timber joists

Variations Found

The Mowlem house was built in a wide variety of variations which can often make identification difficult.

Flat roof on timber joists, woodwool slabs and asphalt.
External walls of 9″ no-fines concrete
RC ring beams at 1st floor and eaves level.
Additional reinforcement above and below widow openings.
Render to external wall surface.
Hanging tiles to exterior upper elevation.
Horizontal timber boarding on timber battens to exterior upper elevation.
Concrete window sills.
Asbestos cement soffit boards.

Example Locations

Mistress Lane Armley LS12 2HL 
Rossefield Approach Bramley LS13 3RG 
Rossefield Drive Bramley LS13 3RP 
Rossefield Gardens Bramley LS13 3RQ 
Rossefield Green Bramley LS13 3RL 
Rossefield Grove Bramley LS13 3RF 
Rossefield Parade Bramley LS13 3RN 
Rossefield Place Bramley LS13 3RJ 
Rossefield Walk Bramley LS13 3RH 
Rossefield Way Bramley LS13 3RS 
Spencer Place Chapeltown LS7 4DQ  
Milner Gardens Cross Green LS9 8NW  
Mullins Court Cross Green LS9 8NN  
O’Grady Square Cross Green LS9 8NJ  
Beckhill Approach Meanwood LS7 2RF  
Beckhill Avenue Meanwood LS7 2RG  
Beckhill Chase Meanwood LS7 2RH  
Beckhill Fold Meanwood LS7 2RJ  
Beckhill Row Meanwood LS7 2RL  
Beckhill Vale Meanwood LS7 2RN  
Beckhill Walk Meanwood LS7 2RW  

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