Advantage or disadvantage for removing steel cladding?  


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22/07/2018 11:34 pm  

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Is there any advantage or disadvantage in removing the steel cladding from these houses before external wall insulation is applied. I have had a few quotes for the EWI, but there is one company which says that it has to be removed. Any thoughts on the matter?

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Hi and welcome. The advantage of leaving the steel cladding on is that it provides a rigid surface onto which to apply the insulation. If you remove them you would have to put some sort of board (probably OSB or something like that) up to put the insulation onto. I would imagine attaching it could be quite tricky and it would also need some new framework to go onto. Advantages of removing the cladding aren’t so clear to me. Provides significant extra work for the company to charge for? ? It would allow extra space for insulation (use thicker insulation/not increase the thickness of the wall for the same insulation thickness? I suppose at least in theory it may make the insulation more effective as heat escaping through the walls won’t meet steel cladding that could transmit it to the steel framework and then to the outside via the ground or roof structure.

I would ask them why they propose removing it. Also ask how they propose to deal with the wall cavity that is open to the loft and left untreated would pretty much bypass the EWI. I’ve often wondered this, but never found an answer.



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