External Wall Insulation Question  


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18/03/2017 9:39 am  

We live near Dugdale Crescent in Sutton Coldfield and came across your details while looking into external wall insulation.

Are you able to recommend companies who have carried out EWI work locally please?

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19/03/2017 9:22 am  

Hi, we used a company called Sers for the majority of the Dugdale Crescent EWI project, which we arranged during the last Green Deal funding stage.
SERS Website

Some of our residents decided to use Telling Blaisdon Ltd (TBL), based at Northwood Street
Birmingham West Midlands B3 1TX Tel: 0800 193 1998

However I have heard on the grapevine, that TBL have gone into liquidation but I’ve been unable to confirm this.
The companies Facebook page hasn’t been updated since January 2016, so it may well be the case.

The problem you have is that once the Green Deal ended and the funding grants were pulled, many companies simply folded as the work dried up.
There are still EWI companies available but you’re going to have to trawl the internet to find a currently active company in the Birmingham area I’m afraid.

You could contact Sers but being such a large company, they may not undertake a one property installation.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful at the moments but please let me know if you do find a company.

Best regards


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20/03/2017 12:22 pm  

Hi Marc,
Thank you for your reply, the information is really helpful as there is so much conflicting advice.

Our house currently has issues with condensation and I have read that EWI can potentially exacerbate the issue, is this something you are able to advise on in your experience?

I have managed to contact a couple of companies who say they do EWI but so far only one has actually been to give a quote! They have quoted for 50mm boards, is this what was used on the houses at Dugdale cres? I am happy to pass on the details of the companies.

Thank you


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