Can you make a semi-detached BISF property Detached?  

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11/02/2018 12:19 pm  

Hi all. As it’s been a while, here is an update for you.

The loss adjustor has conducted his inspection alongside their preferred construction contractor and has, as of last week, issued a ‘Schedule of Works’. They have asked me to agree to this before work can commence. Although the SoW seems to cover all the visible snags around the property (as pointed out my me), predominantly plaster cracks, they seem to be overlooking the likely snags that are not so visible, namely the slab foundation and steel structure.

I have highlighted this to the Loss Adjustor and his view is that the property is now ‘settled’ and is unlikely an further movement will occur. From your genorous comments made by you all in the earlier posts especially how Insurers are keen on a low-cost remedy, I have challenged this and am awaiting further info. I have requested that, somewhow, the whole foundation and steet structure is examined for any imbalances on the loads from the steel structure which inevitably would impact the foundation strength.

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18/11/2018 12:15 pm  

Looking back over some of our older posts and particularly Rogers situation here.

I sincerely hope Roger managed to resolve this matter and often wonder what the eventual outcome was.

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