BISF surveyor details required (London)  


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08/01/2019 10:25 am  


I’m new to this forum, and was wondering if someone could help me please. 

I’m about to purchase a BISF house in London, the previous buyer who pulled out from the purchase had carried out an additional survey, and the agent told me that there were some recommendation points noted in the survey (i.e. some asbestos material, ceiling tiles need to be changed etc). However he assured me that there is nothing of concern and they were just some recommendations points and it’s no urgent to do the changes to the house. 

I was wondering if anyone has similar experience and have any contacts of a good BISF surveyor. Also, what sort of cost will be involved for a BISF survey and what level of check I should get (structural or non structural). 

I understand that the previous buyer received the mortgage offer and the bank only carried out their basic valuation survey without requesting any further checks. 

Thank you for your help!! 



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