Arcal Steel Framed House

Arcal steel framed houses Houses : were constructed as two storey detached, semi-detached and terraced houses.

The lower half ground floor elevation of the Front and rear external walls were finished with a coat of render.

The upper elevation of the front and rear external walls was fitted with glazed asbestos cement sheets.
Gable walls were covered entirely in a spar dashed render.

Some buildings were constructed with a Recessed porch.
Detached houses were constructed with a gable visible to the front elevation.

Many buildings were also constructed with a Centrally located front door.

Terraced houses Were rendered and spar dashed throughout and were constructed with a single storey porch extension.





Common Faults include:

  • Severe corrosion of RSJ stanchion bases of detached and semi-detached houses.
  • Superficial corrosion of RSJ stanchion bases in terraced houses.
  • Rain penetration at panel-window joint.
  • Rot in plywood sheathing and timber studs.
  • Rain penetration and rot in cladding panels
  • Disintegration of plasterboard lining.
  • Poorly constructed separating walls in roof space.
  • Rain penetration of roof at chimney gutter flashings.
  • Missing or poorly fixed asbestos cement sheet claddings.
  • Fire protection missing in first floor and eaves void.
  • Fine cracks and spalling of render.
  • Moderate cracking and spalling render.
  • Minor corrosion of galvanised trimming beads.
  • Asbestos cement sheet claddings and fire protective casings.
  • Deterioration of protective coatings.
  • Missing or poorly fixed asbestos cement sheet cladding.

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