BISF House Building Contractors & Site Location List 1948

BISF House – List of Building Contractors and Site Locations 1948

During the Second World war, over 450,000 homes across the country were destroyed by enemy bombing raids. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes  leaving many families desperate and in need of shelter.

In 1944, the Government was under intense pressure to provide new homes. Not only homes for the people but also for  the large number of soldiers, returning from the front-lines.

Thus the Temporary Housing Act was introduced with the aim of building 300,000 temporary homes in the space of  just two years.

The majority of these homes were temporary constructions, the most notable being the Prefabricated bungalow, many of which remain dotted around the Country today. The scheme was eventually extended to also provide a number of permanent, Non-Traditional forms of housing which includes the BISF House that we know today.

During our extensive research, we sometimes unearth rare and exciting documents that depict the history of the The British Iron & Steel Corporations involvement in the creation of the iconic BISF House.

Here, we share the contents of one one such file, dated the 14th of January 1948.

This never before published document has been laboriously transferred into the table shown below. It lists the locations of many original BISF House construction sites throughout the UK and includes the name of the main building contractor, employed to construct the houses on each site.  The list also contains details of the nearest railway station  to which the houses were delivered, In kit form of course.

Not every UK site appears to have been listed in this document. This is possibly due to this being a revised list.

In the majority of cases, the list details the general works location which was not always the exact location of build as many streets had yet to be built.

We have converted the data from the documents and we are in the process of entering it into a sortable table for your convenience. 

We  hope that you will find the contents as interesting and informative as we have .

Should you find any glaring errors or spelling mistakes, (particularly for the Welsh entries), then do please let us know.

We would also love to hear your comments too!

Site NoContractorSite AddressNearest Train StnArea No
1/1John Laing & Son Ltd
(Houghton-0n-le spring 258)
The Racecourse
Co. Durham.
Fencehouses LNER1
1/2John Laing & Son Ltd.
(Blyth 458)
Newsham Rd.
1/3Thornaby on Tees
Diamond Road off lanehouse Rd. Thornaby on Tees. Co DurhamSouth Stockton1
1/4G. Longden & Sons LtdWhickham Site 3
Lennin Drive, Whickham, Co.Durham
Swalwell LNER1
1/5G. Longden & Sons Ltd (Whickham 87435)Whickham Site 4
South Field Rd. Whickham. Co,Durham.
Swalwell LNER1
1/6G. Longden & Sons LtdSwalwell Site 6. Off Whickham Bank, Whickham, Co.Durham.Swalwell LNER1
1/7S. Easten LtdHallgarth Estate, Winlaton, Blaydon 0n Tyne. Co. Durham.Blaydon1
1/8G. Longden & Sons Ltd
(Seaham 2103)
Stewart St, Seaham
Seaham Goods LNER1
1/9M.Harrison & Co LtdGrange Lane Estate, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NorthumberlandWest Gosforth1
1/10Higgs & Hill Ltd
(Scalby 174)
Barrow Cliffe Estate, Scarborough, Yorkshire.Scarborough LNER1
1/11John Laing & Son Ltd.No.2 Wetheriggs,
Salterbecks Estate, Workington, Cumberland.
Harrington LMS1
1/12G.Longden & Sons LtdRichard Murray site,
Ritsons Rd, Blackhill, Consett. Co Durham
Blackhill LNER1
1/13Nox Ltd,
(Speenymoor 214)
Park Estate
Spennymoor Goods1
1/14S.Easten LtdBilton Hall Land, Jarrow, County DurhamJarrow1
1/15J & W LowryWillington West farm, Wallsend, NorthumberlandWillington Quay LNER1
1/16Gilbert Ash LtdBlackhall Co.DurhamBlackhall1
1/17Gilbert Ash LtdShotton Co.DurhamHaswell1
1/18Gilbert Ash LtdWingate, Co.DurhamWingate1
1/19Gilbert Ash LtdThornley Co.DurhamThornley1
1/20Stephen Coates LtdThorntree Estate, Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough, Yorks.South Bank LNER1
1/21Nox Ltd Boldon Colliery, New Rd, Boldon, Co.DurhamBolden Colliery1
1/22Gilbert Ash LtdMurton, Co.DurhanMurton1
1/23Gilbert Ash LtdEasington Village, Easington, Co.DurhamEasington LNER1
1/24Gilbert Ash LtdWhitehall Estate, Pelton Fell, Chester le Street, Co.DurhamPelton Fell Pass, Chester le St, Goods1
1/25Geo, Longden & son LtdMoorside Site 1, Between Consett & Castleside, Consett, Co.DurhamConsett LNER1
1/26Geo, Longden & son LtdCutlers Hall Rd, Blackhill, Consett, Co.Durham.Blackhill LNER1
1/27M, Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdRoman Avenue, Newcastle On tyneNewcastle Forth Goods1
1/28Gilbert Ash LtdSouth Hetton, Co.DurhamHaswell LNER1
1/29Gilbert Ash LtdDeaf Hill, Co.DurhamTrimdon LNER1
1/30Gilbert Ash LtdHorden, Co.DurhamHorden LNER1
1/31Nox LtdDyke House Estate, Nr Howbeck House, Easington Rd, West Hartlepool, Co.DurhamWest Hartlepool LNER1
1/32M, Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdBlakelaw Estate, Newcastle on TyneNewcastle Forth Goods1
1/33Nox LtdRift House, West HartlepoolWest hartlepool Goods LNER1
1/34Nox LtdBetween Kendal Rd & Patterdale Rd, West HartlepoolW.Hartlepool Goods LNER1
1/35Higgs & Hill LtdSandybed Estate, Scarborough, YorksScarborough Yorks LNER1
1/36M, Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdBenton Lodge, Newcastle on TyneBenton LNER1
1/37Gilbert Ash LtdWashington Station site, Washington, Co.DurhamUsworth LNER1
1/38M, Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdWaverdale Avenue
Newcastle on Tyne
Walker LNER1
1/39M, Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdLongbenton, Newcastle on TyneBenton LNER1
1/40M, Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdBlackett Ord Estate, Newcastle on TyneNewcastle Forth Goods1
2/1M Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdChequerfield PontefractMonk Hill Pontefract2
2/2Henry Boot & Sons LtdParsons Cross (Scheme 6, Part 2) Sheffield. YorksWadsley Bridge LNER2
2/3Unit Construction LtdRedhill No.2 Site
Airedale, Castleford, Yorks
2/4M Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdEccleshill South Estate
Bradford, Yorks
2/5Unit Construction LtdCarfield Lane
Bolton on Dearne, Yorks
Bolton on Dearne2
2/6W.G Birch (Harrogate) LtdNew Lodge Farm Estate
Wakefield Rd
Mapplewell, Staincross
Nr Barnsley, Yorks
Barnsley Old Mill Lane, Goods LNER2
2/7Henry Boot & Sons LtdWalnut Lane, Chickenley, Dewsbury, YorksDewsbury Goods2
2/8Markwell Holmes & Hayter LtdPriory Rd West, Hull, YorksHull LNER2
2/9Robinson & Sawdon LtdBellfield Rd, Holderness High Rd, Hull, YorksDrypool Hull2
2/10M Harrison & Co LtdCousin Lane, West side, Halifax, YorksHolmfield ,Halifax2
2/11John laing & Son LtdWheatley Park Estate, Doncaster, YorksDoncaster LMS2
2/12John laing & Son LtdWheatley Park Estate, Extension, Doncaster, YorksDoncaster LMS2
2/13John laing & Son LtdGlebe Estate, Doncaster, YorksDoncaster LMS2
2/14Richard Costain (Liverpool) LtdAshenhurst Estate, Todmorden, YorkshireTodmorden LMS2
2/15W.G Birch (Harrogate) LtdPinfold Lane, Royston, YorkshireRoyston & Notton, LMS2
2/16M. Harrison & Co (Leeds) ltdGarden House lane, East Ardsley, Morley, YorksMorley (Fountain Street).2
2/17M. Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdAlbert Rd, Morley, YorkshireMorley (Fountain St)2
2/18Simms, Sons & Cooke LtdHaw Lane, Yeadon, Aireborough, YorksYeadon LMS2
2/19Wm. Birch & Sons LtdCarr Estate, Beckfield Lane, Acomb, YorksYork2
2/20F Bilton LtdGrammar School rd, Bricknell Avenue, Hull, YorksCottingham LNER2
2/21Henry Boot & Sons LtdHealey Lane, Batley, YorksBatley LMS2
2/22Henry Boot & Sons LtdBarnsley Road, Highfield, HemsworthHemsworth LNER2
2/23M. Harrison & Co (Leeds) LtdBankfield, Mytholmrod, Hebden Royd, YorksMytholmroyd, York2
2/24W.G Birch (Harrogate) LtdKnaresborough Rd, Harrogate, YorksHarrogate LNER2
2/25Unit Construction LtdBrank Bank Estate, Ingrow, Keighley, YorksIngrow2
2/26Henry Boot & Sons LtdSummer lane, Wombwell, YorksWombwell LMS2
2/27Henry Boot & Sons LtdFlanshaw Estate, Wakefield, YorksWakefield Westgate2
2/28Henry Boot & Sons LtdTunbridge Crescent Site, Kinsley, Hemsworth, YorksHemsworth LNER2
2/29M Harrison Ltd & Co (Leeds) LtdDodd Naze, Hebden Bridge, YorksHebden Bridge2
2/30Unit Construction LtdKingsway Thurnscoe, Bolton on Dearne, YorksH & B RLY, Hickleton, Thurnscoe, Yorks2
2/31John Laing & Sons LtdWheatley Park Estate, No2, DoncasterDoncaster LMS2
2/32John Laing & Sons LtdShaftesbury Avenue, Intake, DoncasterDoncaster LNER2
2/33John Laing & Sons LtdClay Lane, Doncaster-2
3/1John Mowlem & Co LtdSouth Rd, Corby, NorthantsCorby & Weldon3
3/2Henry Boot & Sons LtdSnape Hill, Dronfield, DerbysDronfield LMS3
3/3Gilbert Ash Ltd New Beacon Rd, No.1 Site, Grantham LincsGrantham3
3/4Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdMill Lane, Earl Shilton, Hinckley, LeicsHinckley LMS3
3/5Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdNew Parks Estate, LeicesterQueen St Goods, Leicester3
3/6Site Cancelled3
3/7Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdRedhall Estate, Barwell, Hinckley, LeicsHinckley LMS3
3/8John Mowlem & Co LtdStudfall Avenue, Forest Gate, Corby, NorthantsCorby & Weldon3
3/9John Mowlem & Co LtdRockingham Rd Site, EA,203, Corby, NorthantsCorby & Weldon3
3/10Henry Boot & Sons LtdCarr lane, Dronfield, Woodhouse, DerbyshireDronfield LMS3
3/11John Mowlem & Co LtdHeadlands, NorthamptonCastle Stn, Goods depot, Northampton3
3/12Site Cancelled3
3/13Gilbert Ash LtdHarrowby lane, Grantham, LinsGrantham3
3/14Henry Boot & Sons LtdMickley Lane Stretton., Nr, ChesterfieldDoe Hill LMS3
3/15Henry Boot & Sons LtdRobin Lane,Beighton, Nr ChesterfieldBeighton LNER3
3/16Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdWigman Rd, Beechdale Rd, Off western Boulevard, NottinghamRadford LMS3
3/17Henry Boot & Sons LtdWoodhouse Lane, Beighton, ChesterfieldBeighton LNER3
3/18Simms Sons & cooke LtdStrelly (2) NottinghamRadford LMS3
3/19Henry Boot & Sons LtdBrimington, Chesterfield, DerbysChesterfield LMS3
3/20Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co ltdHolmwood Drive, New Parks Estate. LeicesterLNER Braunstone Gate3
3/21Gee, Walker & Slater LtdNepolski Estate, Wood Rd, Chaddesden, DerbySt Marys, Derby3
3/22Henry Boot & Sons LtdHampton Rd, Scunthorpe, LincsScunthorpe LNER3
3/23Henry Boot & Sons LtdAngerstein Rd, Scunthorpe, LincsScunthorpe LNER3
3/24Henry Boot & Sons LtdFardell Rd, Scunthorpe, LincsScunthorpe LNER3
3/25Henry Boot & Sons LtdFulbeck Rd, Scunthorpe, LincsScunthorpe LNER3
3/26Henry Boot & Sons LtdFoxhills Rd, Scunthorpe, LincsScunthorpe LNER3
3/27Henry Boot & Sons LtdNewlands & Church Lane, Scunthorpe, LincsScunthorpe LNER3
3/28Henry Boot & Sons LtdUnstone, Nr ChesterfieldDronfield LMS3
3/29John Mowlem & Co LtdN.W Site Nr Rockingham Rd, Corby, NorthantsCorby & Weldon3
4/1Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdBeltinge Rd, Harold Wood, Hornchurch, EssexHarold Wood LNER4
4/2Richard Costain LtdTrumpington, Housing Site, CambridgeCambridge LNER4
4/3Nuttal Sons & Co (London) LtdCrawley Gardens Estate, Ashcroft Rd, Luton, BedsLuton LMS4
4/4J. Cochrane & Co LtdTuckswood Lane Estate, Norwich, NorfolkNorwich Thorpe LNER4
4/5Nox LtdSite No 2, Royston Avenue. Bournemouth Park rd, Off eastern Avenue, Southend, EssexSouthend4
4/6Gilbert Ash LtdMelbourne Park Estate, Chelmsford, EssexChelmsford LNER4
4/7Nox LtdBISF Houses, bramford Lane, Ipswich, SuffolkIpswich LNER4
4/8J. Cochrane & co LtdWest Earlham estate, NS/2, Norwich, NorfolkNorwich Thorpe4
4/9Nox LtdBramford Lane, Ipswich, SuffolkSite No 5, Eastern Avenue, Southend, Essex4
4/10Gilbert-Ash LtdCentre Drive Site 1, Epping, EssexEpping LNER4
4/11Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdChestnut Avenue, Albany rd, Hornchurch, EssexHornchurch LNER4
4/12John Mowlem & Co LtdMount Pleasant, Bath Rd Estate, Wisbech, CambsWisbech Cambs4
4/13Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdPlumpton Avenue, Hacton Lane, Hornchurch, essexHornchurch LNER4
4/14John Mowlem & Co LtdJunct of Adeyfield Rd & High St. Green, Hemel Hempstead, HertsBoxmoor LMS4
4/15John Mowlem & Co LtdPenfield Lane, at Junction Tabor Ave, Braintree, EssexBraintree Goods4
4/16John Mowlem & Co LtdDeanery Corner, Braintree, EssexBraintree4
4/17Gilbert Ash LtdSunnyside, EppingEpping LNER4
4/18M.J Gleeson LtdMile Road, BedfordMidland Rd, Bedford LMS4
4/19J Cochrane & Sons LtdWest Earlhame Estate, No,.2 Norwich, NorfolkNorwich Thorpe, Lincs4
5/1Pouling & Co LtdL.C.C Housing Site, Fair Elms, Headstone Lane, Pinner, MiddxHarrow Met5
5/2Taylor Woodrow Constructions LtdBridge Farm Estate, Ruislip Rd, Greenford, MiddxSouthall GWR5
5/3Pouling & Co LtdLong Lane, Ashford, MiddxAshford Middx S.R5
5/4Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdClaremont Rd, Hendon, MiddxHendon LMS5
5/5Richard Costain LtdL.C.C Housing Estate, Romford Rd, Nr Chigwell Row, Grange Hill, EssexFairlop Goods LNER5
5/6Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdLangdon Estate, Park Avenue, East Ham, EssexEast Ham LMS5
5/7Gilbert Ash LtdL.C.C Housing Estate
Borders Lane, Loughton, Essex
Loughton LNER5
5/8G.Parker & Sons LtdGolf Course Estate
Molesham Way, Hurst Rd, Esher, Surrey
Hampton Court S,.R5
5/9Gilbert Ash LtdSite 8B Lesney Farm Estate, Ramsden Rd, Erith, KentErith S.R5
5/10Gilbert Ash LtdNew Housing Site, Thames Rd, Crayford, KentCrayford S.R5
5/11Richard Costain LtdHolcott Estate, Gravel Hill, Bexley Heath, KentBexley Heath Goods S.R5
5/12T.F.Nash Construction LtdWoodend Lane, Northolt, Ealing, MiddxNortholt Park LNER5
5/13Taylor Woodrow Constructions LtdSite 10a, Junct of Gt. West Rd & Staines Rd, Hounslow, West MiddxFeltham S.R or Hayes GWR5
5/14G.Parker & Sons LtdNorthfield Farm Est, Site B. Portsmouth Rd, Cobham, Esher, SurreyCobham S.R5
5/15Taylor Woodrow Constructions LtdBourne Farm Est, Bourne Ave, Hayes, MiddxHayes Middx GWR5
5/16M.J Gleeson LtdBilton Way, Enfield Lock, Enfield, MiddxEnfield Lock LNER5
5/17M.J Gleeson LtdLaings Estate, Lonsdale Drive, Enfield West, MiddxEnfield Chase LNER5
5/18Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdRookery Farm Site A, St Giles Close, off Crown Street, Little Dagenham Village, EssexDagenham LMS5
5/19Pauling & Co ltdHeathervale Estate, Mayfield Avenue, New Haw, Addlestone, SurreyByfleet SR5
5/20J.Mowlem & CoLaleham Road, Site 5
Shepperton, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx
5/21J.Mowlem & CoLaleham Road, Site 10
Shepperton, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx
5/22J.Mowlem & CoFrench Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, MiddxSunbury SR5
5/23Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdL.C.C Housing Estate, Oxhey, HertsBushey LMS5
5/24Rice & sons LtdButts Farm, Site A, Hampton Road, Hanworth, MiddxFeltham SR5
5/25Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdRookery Farm Site B, Rainham Road South, Sanitorium Road, Little Dagenham Village, EssexDagenham LMS5
5/26Henry Boot & Sons LtdMontacute Road, New Addington, Croydon, SurreyHayes Kent SR5
5/27Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdRookery Farm Site C, Sanitorium Road, Little Dagenham Village, EssexDagenham LMS5
6/1Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdBarnfield Estate, Weston Lane, Weston, Southampton, HantsWoolston Goods SR6
6/2H. Neal LtdBarton No3, Housing Estate, East of Bayswater Road, OxfordOxford6
6/4Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdBitterne Lodge, Rossington Avenue, Bitterne, Southampton, HantsBitterne SR6
6/5Taylor Woodrow Construction LtdPaulsgrove, Cosham, Portsmouth, HantsCosham Hants SR6
6/6Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdSt. Leonards Road, No2 site, Windsor, BerksWindsor SR & GWR6
6/7Taylor Woodrow Construction LtdTotteridge Estate, High Wycombe, BucksHigh Wycombe GWR LNER6
6/8John Knowles & Co LtdStanmore Lane, Winchester, HantsWinchester6
6/9W.E Chivers & Sons LtdKinson Park Road, Kinson, Bournemouth, HantsWimborne SR6
6/10G. Wimpey & Co LtdCouncil Housing Estate, Californin, Aylesbury, BucksAylesbury GWR6
6/11Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdPaulsgrove Estate, (Racecourse Section) Cosham, Portsmouth, HantsCosham SR6
6/12H. Neal LtdBarton Housing Est, No4. Bayswater Road, OxfordOxford6
6/13Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdSurrey Housing Site, Nr Surrey House, Botley Rd, Sholing, SouthamptonWoolston Goods SR6
6/14Site Cancelled-6
6/15Taylor Woodrow Construction LtdElmshott Lane, Slough, BucksSlough GWR6
6/16H. Neal LtdWarwick Road, Banbury, OxfordBanbury GWR6
6/17H. Neal LtdEasington Estate, Banbury, OxfordBanbury GWR6
6/18W.E Chivers & Sons LtdMount Road, West Howe, Bournemouth, HantsBournemouth Central6
6/19J. Mowlem & CoBurton Road, Somerford, Christchurch, HantsChristchurch6
6/20W.E Chivers & Sons LtdGrove Road, Wantage, BerksWantage Rd, Wantage6
6/21H. Neal LtdBarton Housing Est No4, (Contract 2), OxfordOxford6
7/1Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdSilbury Road, Ashton Drive, Bedminster, Bristol 3.Cannons Nq, March Goods GWR7
7/2John Laing & Son LtdBeech Avenue, 'N' site, Swindon, WiltsSwindon Junc, GWR7
7/3Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdNew Housing Site, Holway Rd, Taunton, Som.Taunton7
7/4W.E Chivers & Sons Ltd (Cheltenham)Lyneworth farm estate, Cromwell Rd, Cheltenham, GlosSt James Cheltenham GWR7
7/5Wm. Cowlin & Son LtdPortway, Avonmouth, BristolAvonmouth Town Stn7
7/6John Laing & Son Ltd (Plymouth)No2 estate, Ham drive, Plymouth, DevonNorth Road, Plymouth, GWR7
7/7Gee Walker & Slater LtdStirling rd, Plymouth, DevonNorth Road, Plymouth, GWR7
7/8Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdWoodlands Street, Bideaux, PlymouthNorth Road, Plymouth, GWR7
7/9W.T Nicholls LtdTredworth road, GloucesterGloucester GWR or LMS7
7/10John Laing & Son LtdEfford Estate, Sect 1, Plymouth, devonNorth Road Plymouth GWR7
7/11Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdWellsprings, Kingston Rd, Taunton, SomersetTaunton7
7/12Gee Walker & Slater Ltd (Plymouth)Honicknowle Lane East, Plymouth, devonNorth Road, Plymouth, GWR7
7/13Gee Walker & Slater Ltd (Tapsham)Countess Wear, Exeter, DevonSt Davids GWR7
7/15Gee Walker & Slater Ltd (Plymouth)Main site, Honicknowle, Plymouth, DevonNorth Road, Plymouth GWR7
7/16W.M Cowlin & Sons Ltd (Avonmouth)West Town Rd, Avonmouth, BristolAvonmouth Town Stn7
7/17W.T Nicholls Ltd (Gloucester)Lower Tuffley, GloucesterGloucester GWR or LMS7
7/18W.T Nicholls Ltd Highfield Rd, GloucesterGloucester GWR or LMS7
7/19Gee Walker & Slater LtdKnowle Battery, PlymouthNorth Rd, Plymouth GWR7
7/20John Laing & Son LtdKings Tamerton, Plymouth, DevonDavenport SR for Cranage St. Budeaux SR for Handled Traffic7
7/21John Laing & Son LtdEfford Estate, Sect 3, Plymouth, DevonNorth Rd, Plymouth GWR7
7/22John Laing & Son LtdBeech Avenue, South Swindon, WiltsNorth Rd, Plymouth GWR7
7/23John Laing & Son LtdBeech Avenue, South Swindon, WiltsSwindon Junt. GWR7
7/24J. Mowlem & Co LtdBournville, Weston Super Mare, SomersetWeston Super Mare7
7/25Gee Walker & Slater Ltd Main Site 2, Honicknowle, Plymouth, DevonNorth Rd, Plymouth GWR7
7/26Gee Walker & Slater Ltd Pinhoe Rd, Exeter, devonSt. Davids Exeter GWR7
7/27Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdTwerton Site, Twerton Estate, Lower Bristol Rd, Bath, SomersetGWR Goods Stn, bath7
7/28Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdWestern Site, Twerton Estae, Lower Bristol rd, Bath, SomersetLMS Goods Stn bath7
8/1Gee Walker & Slater Ltd Capel Newydd, Blaenavon, Mon.Blaenavon8
8/2Trevor Construction Co LtdBeech Hill, Milford Haven, PembrokeMilford Haven GWR8
8/3Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdCae, Cwylim Rd, Cefn Mawr, Nr Ruabon, Wrexham, DenbighsBoiling Bank Sidings8
8/4Demolition & Construction Co Ltd (Cardiff)Housing Site Dynea, Rhydfelin, Pontypridd, Glam.Pontypridd GWR8
8/5Kent & Sussex Construction Co LtdGelli Pistyll, Risca, MonRisca GWR8
8/6Kent & Sussex Construction Co LtdTy-Isal Site, Risca, Mon.Risca GWR8
8/7Kent & Sussex Construction Co LtdStelvio Park Drive, Stelvio Park Est, Newport, Mon.Newport Mon. GWR8
8/8Trevor Construction Co LtdPill, Milford Haven, Pembroke.Millford Haven GWR8
8/9Gee Walker & Slater Ltd Cae Fardre, Church Rd, Church Village, Llantrisant, Glam.Llanwit Fardre8
8/10Demolition & Construction Co Ltd (Cardiff)Off High St, Nelson, Bryncelyn, Caerphilly, Glam.Nelson GWR8
8/11Demolition & Construction Co Ltd (Cardiff)Maxwell Rd, Off Newport Rd, Rumney, Cardiff, Glam.Tyndall St, Cardiff8
8/12Pauling & Co LtdGendros Housing Site, Swansea, Glam.Sansea GWR8
8/13Trevor Construction & Co LtdCrynallt Housing Estate, Cimla, Neath, Glam.Neath GWR8
8/14Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdCefn Park Estate, Wrexham, Denbighs.Boiling Bank Sidings, Wrexham GW & LNER8
8/15Demolition & Construction Co Ltd (Cardiff)Pwllyphant, Caerphilly, Glam.Caerphilly GWR8
8/16Richard Costain LtdFitzroy Site 6, Ebbw Vale, Mon.Ebbw Vale GWR8
8/17Richard Costain LtdNew Kennard Street, Ton Pentre, Rhondda, GlamYstrad GWR8
8/18Demolition & Construction Co Ltd (Cardiff)Gabalfa Housing, Site 1. Off College Rd, Whitchurch Common, Gabalfa, Cardiff, Glam.Tyndall St. Cardiff GWR8
8/19Kent & Sussex Construction LtdAllway Farm, Newport, Mon.Newport GWR8
8/20Pauling & Co LtdPenlan Housing Site, Swansea, Glam.Swansea GWR8
8/21Gee Walker & Slater LtdOld Brickworks, Merthyr, Glam.Merthyr Goods GWR8
8/22Gee Walker & Slater LtdCanobie Fields, Merthyr, Glam.Aberfan8
8/23Richard Costain LtdBryn Hyfryd, Ynyswen, Treorchy, Rhondda, Glam.Treorchy GWR8
8/24Richard Costain LtdBodringallt, Ystrad, Rhondda, Glam.Ystrad GWR8
8/25Richard Costain LtdBeddw Fields, Cymmer, Forth, Rhondda, Glam.Porth GWR8
8/26Richard Costain LtdExcelsior Terrace, Maerdy, Rhondda, Glam.Ferndale GWR8
8/27Richard Costain LtdCaerau farm, Ely, Cardiff, Glam.Canton Sdgs, Cardiff GWR8
8/28Richard Costain LtdHeolddu, Bargoed, Gellygaer, Glam.Bargoed, GWR8
8/29Richard Costain LtdBedlinog, Gellygaer, Glam.Trelewis GWR8
8/30Richard Costain LtdCraig Hengoed, Gellygaer, Glam.Pengam GWR8
8/31Richard Costain LtdTrewlewis, Gellygaer, Glam.Trelewis GWR8
8/32Trevor Construction Co LtdMaescynon Housing Est, Hirwaun, Nr Neath, Glam.Hirwaun GWR8
8/33Gee Walker & Slater LtdYsgubor Newydd, merthyr, Glam.Merthyr Goods GWR8
8/34Gee Walker & Slater LtdGalon-Uchaf, Merthyr, Glam.Pant-y-Dowlais GWR8
8/35Richard Costain LtdOakville Terrace, Llwynypia, Rhondda, Glam.Tonypandy GWR8
8/36Richard Costain LtdPergwm Street, Trealaw, Rhondda, Glam.Tonypandy GWR8
8/37Richard Costain LtdNew Century Street, Trealaw, Rhondda, Glam.Tonypandy GWR8
8/38Richard Costain LtdNile Road, trealaw, Rhondda, Glam.Tonypandy GWR8
8/39Richard Costain LtdAubrey Road, Cymmer, Porth, Rhondda, Glam.Tonypandy GWR8
8/40Richard Costain LtdWaunarlwydd, Swansea, Glam.Mumbles Rd Station. LMS Goods8
8/41Richard Costain LtdWest Cross, Swansea, Glam.Mumbles Rd Station. LMS Goods8
8/42Richard Costain LtdPenywaun, Aberdare, Glam.Aberdare GWR8
8/43Richard Costain LtdPrincess Street, Maesteg, Glam.Maesteg Castle St. GWR8
8/44Richard Costain LtdAlma Road, Maesteg, GlamMaesteg Castle St. GWR8
8/45Richard Costain LtdIvor Street, Maesteg, Glam.Maesteg Castle St. GWR8
8/46Richard Costain LtdTurberville, Maesteg, Glam.Maesteg Castle St. GWR8
8/47Richard Costain LtdPark Housing site, Maesteg, Glam.Maesteg Castle St. GWR8
8/48Richard Costain LtdHumphries Terrace, Caerau, Glam.Maesteg Castle St. GWR8
8/49Gee Walker & Slater LtdAbernant-y-Fedw, Abwreynon, Mountain Ash, Glam.Abwreynon8
8/50Gee Walker & Slater LtdCwm Alsie, Mynyddislwyn, Pontllanfraith.Pentllanfraith8
8/51Gee Walker & Slater LtdCefn Glas, Bridgend, Glam.Tranch, Pontypool, Mon.Bridgend, 8
8/52Gee Walker & Slater LtdTranch, Pontypool, Mon.Pontypool Road8
8/53Gee Walker & Slater LtdVarteg, Pontypool, Mon.Talywain GWR8
8/54Gee Walker & Slater LtdNew Bridge Road, Llantrisant, Glam.Llantrisant8
8/55Gee Walker & Slater LtdArthur Street, Abertysswg, Nr Rhymney, GlamRhymney8
8/56Gee Walker & Slater LtdGarden City, Rhymney, Glam.Rhymney8
8/57Gee Walker & Slater LtdWarus Terrace, Rhymney, Glam.Rhymney8
8/57Gee Walker & Slater LtdRydycae, Ebbw Vale, Mon.Ebbw Vale GWR8
8/59G. Wimpey & Co LtdMelpascourt Estate, Newport, Mon.Newport Mon. GWR8
8/60Gee Walker & Slater LtdCefn Caeau, Llanelly, Glam.Lllanelly8
8/61Gee Walker & Slater LtdTirgaf, Nr Llanelly, GlamLlangennech8
8/62Gee Walker & Slater LtdMiskin Road, Pontyclun, Llandtrissant, Glam.Llantrissant8
8/63Gee Walker & Slater LtdWest of Cefn, Forest Avenue, Pengham, Bedwelly, Mon.Blackwood LMS8
8/64Gee Walker & Slater LtdNew Road from Twgnyffald Rd to Bromfield Rd, Blackwood, Bedwelly, Mon.Blackwood LMS8
8/65Gee Walker & Slater LtdPlas Derw, Llanelly, Glam.Llangennech8
8/66Gee Walker & Slater LtdPendyre, Rhymney, Glam.Rhymney8
8/67Gee Walker & Slater LtdKemys Fawr, Pontypool, Mon.Pontypool Rd.8
8/68Richard Costain ltdEmlyn Avenue, Ebbw Vale, Mon.Ebbw Vale GWR Goods8
8/69Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdJohnstown, Ruabon rd, Rhos, Wrexham DenbighsWrexham Boiling Bank Siding8
8/70Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdNew Rd, Llay, Wrexham, Dendighs.Boiling Bank Siding wrexham8
8/71Trevor Construction LtdCwmphil Rd. Lower Cwmtwrch, Ystradgynlais, Swansea, Glam.Ystradgynlais GWR8
8/72Gee Walker & Slater LtdSite 5, Llandbewr Rd, Crickhowell, Breconshire.Abergavenny GWR8
8/73Gee Walker & Slater LtdSwffryd, Hafodrynys, Abertillery, Mon.Crumlin Low Level8
8/74Gee Walker & Slater LtdVictoria Street, Blaina, Nanytglo, Mon.Blaina8
8/75Gee Walker & Slater LtdPenllergaer. Llwchwr, Nr Swansea, Glam.Gorseinon Nr Swansea GWR8
8/76Kent & Sussex Constructors LtdMelfort Rd, Newport, Mon.Newport GWR8
8/77Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdRhos Rhedyn, Broughton, Wrexham.Newport GWR or LNER8
8/78Holland Hannen & Cubitts LtdWaens Wood, Gwersyllt, Wrexham.Newport GWR or LNER8
8/79Independent Construction Co LtdEast Avenue, Kenfig Hill, Nr Bridgend, Glam.Pyle GWR8
8/80George Wimpey & Co LtdMachin Road, Bassaleg, Nr Newport, Mon.Newport 8
8/81Richard Costain ltdCareau Park Crescent, Ely, Cardiff.Ely, Cardiff GWR Goods8
8/82Trevor Construction LtdResolven Housing estate. Commercial rd, Resolven, Neath. Glam.Neath General GWR8
8/83Demolition & Construction LtdGabalfa Housing site No2. Off College Rd, Whitchurch Common, Gabalfa, Cardiff.Tyndall St, Cardiff GWR8
8/84Independent Construction LtdJunct of Five Locks Rd & Upper Cwmbran Rd, Pontnewydd, Nr Newport, Mon.Pontnewydd GWR8
8/85Gee Walker & Slater LtdPrimrose Hill, Twynyrodyn, Nr Merthyr, GlamPlymouth Rd, Goods Depot. Merthyr GWR8
8/86Gee Walker & Slater ltdPant Road, Dowlais, Nr Merthyr, GlamMerthyr GWR8
8/87Independent Construction LtdTon Road, Cwmbran, Mon.Cwmbran GWR8
8/88Trevor Construction LtdColborn Square, Derwydd Avenue, Gwaun Cae GurwenGlanamman8
8/90Independent Construction LtdTwo Locks Road, Cwmbran, Mon.Cwmbran GWR8
8/91Richard costain LtdCendle Terrace, Ebbw Vale, Mon.Ebbw Vale GWR8
8/92Trevor Construction LtdCae Wathan Housing estate, Boswood Road, Borough Rd, SkewenNeath General GWR8
8/93Trevor Construction LtdHeol-Lan Housing Estate, Ammanford, Carms.Ammanford GWR8
8/94G Wimpey & Co LtdHigh Croft lane, Rogerstone, Nr Newport, Mon.Newport Mon.8
8/95Kent & Sussex Construction LtdTwyn Road, Llanfachm Abercan, Mon.Newbridge, Mon.8
8/96Kent & Sussex Construction LtdPentwynmawr, Newbridge, Mon.Newbridge, Mon.8
8/97Gee Walker & Slater LtdWater Tank, Merthyr, GlamPlymouth Road, Goods Dept, Merthyr GWR8
8/98Gee Walker & Slater LtdSummerHill Place, Merthyr, Glam.Plymouth Road, Goods Dept, Merthyr GWR8
8/99Gee Walker & Slater LtdCaemaridwn Farm, Merthyr, Glam.Merthyr GWR8
8/100Gee Walker & Slater LtdCaeracca, Dowlai, Merthyr, Glamorganshire.Merthyr GWR8
8/101Demolition & Construction Co LtdTy-Rhiw, Taffs Well, Caerphilly, Glam.Taffs Well GWR8
8/102Gee Walker & Slater LtdFair Field, Port Talbot, GlamPort Talbot General GWR8
8/103Kent & Sussex Construction LtdStelvio Park crescent, Stelvio Park Estate, Newport, Mon.Newport, Mon, GWR8
8/104Kent & Sussex Construction LtdBurnfort Road, Newport, Mon.Newport Mon, GWR8
8/105Gee Walker & Slater LtdQueens Road, the Parade, Merthyr, Glam.Plymouth Rd, Goods dept, Merthyr GWR8
8/106Richard Costain LtdHendre Road, Llangennech, Nr Llanelly.Llangennech GWR8
9/1E.H Burgess LtdMayfield Estate Redditch, Worcs.Redditch LMS9
9/2George Wimpey & Co LtdHill Top Estate (East) No2. Nuneaton, Warwicks.Nuneaton9
9/3Henry Boot & Sons LtdDudley Field Housing Estate, Walsall, StaffsBloxwich LMS9
9/4Henry Boot & Sons Ltd (Stechford)Kent Moat Estate, Lea Hall, B,hamStechford LMS9
9/5Higgs & Hill LtdCharter Estate, Canley, Coventry, Warwicks.Warwick Rd, Coventry LMS9
9/6Simms Sons & Cooke LtdBuffery Estate, Buffery Rd, Netherton, Worcs.Netherton GWR9
9/7Henry Boot & Sons Ltd (Four Oaks)Tower Road, Sutton ColdfieldFour Oaks LMS9
9/8R.M Douglas Contractors LtdBushbury Estate, Primrose Avenue, Bee Lane, Bushbury, Wolverhampton, Staffs.Wednesbury Rd, Wolverhampton LMS9
9/9Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdTolladine Site 4, Teme Road, Worcester.Worcester Shrub Hill GWR & LMS9
9/10Henry Boot & Sons LtdForest Housing Estate, Walsall, Staffs.Bloxwich LMS9
9/11Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdWarstones Road, Wolverhampton, StaffsWolverhampton LMS or GWR9
9/12Gee Walker & Slater LtdHateley Heath Site 1., West Bromwich, StaffsSwan Village GWR9
9/13Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdNewtown Site 1. Rankswood Crescent, Newtown Rd, Worcester.Worcester Shrub Hill GWR or LMS9
9/16George Wimpey & Co LtdChell Heath, Stoke on Trent, Staffs.Stoke on Trent9
9/17George Wimpey & Co LtdTownsend site 2. Stoke on Trent, Staffs.Stoke on Trent9
9/18George Wimpey & Co LtdSpringfield Site, Stoke on Trent, StaffsStoke on Trent9
9/19George Wimpey & Co LtdSite 4c, Overslade estate, Rugby, Warwicks.Rugby9
9/21Simms Sons & Cooke LtdScotts Greer Housing Site, Dudley ,Worcs.Dudley, Worcs. GWR9
9/22Pauling & Co LtdSt Pauls Rd, Via Orme Rd, Rotterdam, Newcastle under Lyme. StaffsNewcastle Under Lyme, Poole Dam Sidings LMS9
9/24E.H Burgess LtdTaylor Tunnicliffe, Brereton, Rugeley, Staffs,Taylor Tunnicliffe, Brereton, Rugeley, Staffs9
9/26Unit Construction Co LtdBarn Farm Site B, Wellington Salop.Wellington9
9/27Gilbert-Ash LtdCorner Mitchell Ave & Charter Ave. West Canley, Coventry.Coventry LMS9
9/28Gee Walker & Slater LtdSpouthouse Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham 22AGreat barr LMS9
9/29Henry Boot & Sons LtdGreen Rock estate South, Blakenall, Nr WalsallBloxwich LMS9
9/30Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdGreensome Lane, Doxey, StaffsLMS Goods Stn, Stafford Sidings.9
9/31Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdDoxey Road, Stafford, StaffsLMS Goods Stn, Stafford Sidings.9
9/32Wm. Colin & Sons LtdHunderton Estate, HerefordBarton Rd Sidings, Hereford9
9/33Gee Walker & Slater LtdRoebuck Lane, Smethwick, StaffsSoho Goods LMS or Handsworth & smethwick GWR9
9/34Gee Walker & Slater LtdGt Arthur Street, Smethwick, StaffsSoho Goods LMS or Handsworth & smethwick GWR9
9/35Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdCrowmoor Estate, Shrewsbury, SalopShrewsbury ( Abbey Foregate) GWR & LMS9
9/36Wilson Lovatt & Sons LtdOakfield Road, Shrewsbury, SalopJoint GWR & LMS Goods Station, Shrewsbury9
9/37George Wimpey & Co LtdHill Top Estae (East) No3. Nuneaton, WarwicksNuneaton10
9/38APauling & Co LtdBradwell Estate, Porthill, Newcastle under Lyme, StaffsLongport LMS10
9/38BPauling & Co LtdMeadow Avenue, Newcastle under Lyme, StaffsLongport LMS10
10/1Gilbert Ash ltdNewbold Housing Site, Milnrow Road, Rochdale, LancsRochdale10
10/2Henry Boot & SonsWeaste Lane, Milton Avenue, Salford, LancsBrindle Heath, Salford LMS10
10/3Henry Boot & SonsBridge Hall, Stockport, CheshireEdgeley LMS10
10/4R Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdStanney Estate, Cambridge Rd, Ellesmere Port, CheshireEllesmere Port LMS GW (Joint)10
10/5John Laing & Son LtdOrmagill, Barrow in Furness, LancsBarrow Central LMS10
10/6R Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdRibbleton Hall Estate, Ribbleton Avenue, Preston, LancsPreston LMS10
10/7A.Monk & Co LtdDallam farm housing Estate, Longshaw Street, Warrington, LancsWarrington10
10/8A.Monk & Co LtdNorthumberland Street, Scholes, Wigan, LancsWigan LMS10
10/9Henry Boot & SonsMoss Lane, Litherland, LancsSeaforth & Litherland, Nr Liverpool LMS10
10/10AR Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdCantril Farm, Kings Drive Site A, West derby, Liverpool. 12 Mabb Lane EstateEdgehill Goods10
10/10BR Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdCantril Farm Estate, Kings Drive, Site B, West derby, Liverpool 12.Edgehill Goods10
10/10CR Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdCantril Farm Estate, Kings Drive, Site C, West derby, Liverpool 12.Edgehill Goods10
10/10DR Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdCantril Farm Estate, Kings Drive, Site D, West derby, Liverpool 12.Edgehill Goods10
10/10ER Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdCantril Farm Estate, Kings Drive, Site E, West derby, Liverpool 12.Edgehill Goods10
10/10FR Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdCantril Farm Estate, Kings Drive, Site F, West derby, Liverpool 12.Edgehill Goods10
10/11Wm. Townson & sons (Liverpool) LtdLaburnum Road, Blackburn, LancsDaisy Field, Blackburn10
10/12Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdEastern Avenue, Housing Estate, Briercliffe Rd, Burnley, LancsBurnley Central Goods. LMS10
10/13Henry Boot & Sons LtdClay Lane, Baguley, Altrincham, CheshireBeguley10
10/14Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdCarr Mill site, East Lancs Rd housing Estate, St Helens, LancsSt Helens LMS10
10/15Gilbert Ash LtdWinchester Road, Davyhulme, Urmston, LancsUrmston Pass & Goods LMS10
10/16Gilbert Ash LtdCastle Hill, Hindley, LancsHindley LMS10
10/17Unit Construction & Co LtdBennett Street, Newton Hyde, CheshireHyde Junction10
10/18R Costain & Sons LtdWinfield Lane, Ashton, Preston, LancsPreston LMS10
10/19Gilbert Ash LtdTower Hill, Clitheroe, LancsClitheroe LMS10
10/20Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdMoss Bank Site, East Lancs Road, St Helens, LancsST Helens LMS10
10/21Gilbert Ash LtdBryer Estate, Shaw Lane, Prescot, LancsPrescot LMS10
10/22Gilbert Ash LtdFairbrother Farm Housing site, Newton le willows, LancsNewton le Willow10
10/23Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co LtdEast Lanes Road, Housing Estate, Carr Mill Site No2. St Helens, LancsSt Helens, Lancs, LMS10
10/24R.Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdLongridge Road, Preston, LancsPreston LMS10
11/A/1Alex Fraser LtdSmeaton
Kirkcaldy (Sinclairton Sdg)11A
11/A/2Chas Grey Bldrs LtdVerena Terrace, Moncrieff, PerthPerth (Dewars Sdg) LNER11A
11/A/3Wm.Govan & Son ltdDalmilling, Ayr. Burgh.Ayr. Goods.11A
11/A/4James Y. Keanie LtdBlackhall, PaisleyPaisley Canal. LMS11A
11/A/5J. Laidlaw & Sons Ltd.
(Coatbridge 35)
Townhead, CoatbridgeCoatbridge LMS11A
11/A/6J.Lawrence (Glasgow) Ltd. (Clydebank 2110).Overtown Rd, ClydebankClydebank LNER11A
11/A/7J.Lawrence (Glasgow) Ltd.Springboig, Glasgow.Shettleston LNER11A
11/A/8McTaggart & Nickel LtdSouth Mankinhall GreenockLynedock St, greenock11A
11/A/9Melville, Dundas & Whitson Ltd (Bearsdon 3338).Livingstone St, Clydebank.Drumchapel LNER11A
11/A/10J.Miller & Partners LtdLimerigg Rd, Slamannan, Stirling CountySlamannan11A
11/A/11J.Miller & Partners LtdCoalnaughton, Clackmannon.Tillicoultry11A
11/A/12Murdock McKenzie LtdEaster Mavisbank, Airdrie.Sidings Rawyard, Airdrie, LNER11A
11/A/13W & J.R.Watson LtdBlackburn, West lothian.Whitburn E, LNER11A
11/A/14G.Reid & Sons LtdShortlees, KilmarnockKilmarnock LMS11A
11/A/15A.A Stuart & sons (Glasgow) LtdCaldercruix, Lanark County.Caldercruix LNER11A
11/A/16A.A Stuart & sons (Glasgow) LtdNewarthill, Lanark CountyHolytown, LMS11A
11/A/17A.A Stuart & sons (Glasgow) LtdAuchinairn, Lanark CountyBishopbriggs LMS11A
11/A/18A.A Stuart & sons (Glasgow) LtdNewmains, Lanark CountyNewmains LMS11A
11/A/19W & J.R Watson LtdBroxburn, West LothianHolygate11A
11/A/21J Miller & Partners LtdToravon Housing site, Maddison, Stirling CountyPolmont Goods11A
11/A/22J Miller & Partners LtdLangton Housing site, Lauriston, Stirling CountyGrahamston Goods11A
11/A/23Murdoch & mcKenzie LtdWatling Street, MotherwellMotherwell LMS11A
11/A/24J Miller & Partners LtdEasthouses, MidlothianDalkeith Goods SSHA11A
11/A/25Murdoch & mcKenzie LtdGreenhead, Wishaw, MotherwellWishaw Central LMS11A
11/A/26J Miller & Partners LtdBaingle Brae houing site, Tullibody, ClackmannanCambus Junction11A
11/A/27G.Reid & Sons LtdShortlees KilmarnockKilmarnock LMS11A
11/A/28J.Y Keanie LtdFerguslie Park, PaisleyPaisley St james11A
11/A/29J Miller & Partners LtdAddiewell, MidlothianAddiewell Goods11A
11/A/31J.Y Keanie & CoBardrainney, Port GlasgowPort Glasgow LMS11A
11/A/32J Miller & Partners LtdHousing site, Raploch West Rd, StirlingStirling Goods11A
11/A/33John Laurence (Glasgow) LtdBoquhanran, ClydebankClydebank LNER11A
11/A/34AJ Miller & Partners LtdSouth House, Liberton, EdinburghGilmerton LNER11A
11/A/34BW & J.R Watson LtdSouth House, Liberton, EdinburghGilmerton LNER11A
11/A/35W & J.R Watson LtdMelgund Lodge, Lochgelly, FifeLochgelly11A
11/A/36MacTaggart & Nickel ltdBellsmyre, DumbartonDumbarton Goods LNER11A
11/A/37G.Reid & Sons LtdSamson Avenue, KilmarnockKilmarnock LMS11A
11/A/38 John train & Co LtdKirkton Rd, Neilston, Renfrew. Neilston High LMS11A
11/A/39Murdoch Mackenzie LtdN.MotherwellMotherwell LMS11A
11/A/40Richard StreetMoss Side, (Junct of Old Perth Rd & Moss-side Rd), CowdenbeathCowdenbeath Goods Stn LNER11A
11/A/41Wm. Govan & Son LtdForehill, AyrAyr Goods11A
11/A/42J.Best (Edinburgh) LtdBurnside Street, Rosyth, DunfermlineInverkeithing LNER11A
11/A/43John Trin & Co LtdColston Rd, Springburn, GlasgowBishopsbriggs Goods Stn, LNER Lanarks11A
11/A/44John Best (Edinburgh) LtdCooper Ha Site, Lochgelly, FifeLochgelly LNER11A
11/A/45AJ.Miller & Partners LtdMoredune Site, EdinburghGilmerton LNER11A
11/A/45BW & J.R Watson LtdMoredune Site, EdinburghGilmerton LNER11A
11/B/1R.K Brown & SonEastfield Rd, DumfriesSt Marys Lye, Dumfries11B
11/B/2(a)John Carnegie & SonsWest Kirkton DumfriesDownfield, Dundee LMS11B
11/B/2(b)John Carnegie & SonsDownfield DundeeDownfield LMS11B
11/B/2(c)Chas Grey (Builders) LtdWest Kirkton Housing Site, (off American Nuir Rd) Downfield, DundeeFairmuir, Goods Station11B
11/B/3David Nairn & SonKennoway, FifeCameron Bridge LNER11B
11/B/4R. Weir & SonsCrosshill & Meadow, CampbeltownCrosshill & Meadow
11/B/5Alex Praser LtdMethilhill, fifeCameron Bridge, LNER11B
11/B/6Charles Dick & SonsCliffburn Rd, Arbroath, AngusArbroath Station, Angus11B
11/C/1AW.J Anderson LtdCummings Park, AberdeenKittybrewster LNER11C
11/C/1BJohn Bisset & SonsCummings Park, Anderson Drive N. AberdeenKittybrewster LNER11C
11/C/2J. Campbell & SonsHilton, InvernessHilton, Inverness11C
12/1Gilbert Ash LtdBourne road, Scheme 3, Gravesend, KentGravesend West St. SR12
12/3Richard Costain LtdWayfields Estate, Wayfields Road, Chatham, KentChatham Goods12
12/5R.Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdReed Avenue, Canterbury, Kent.Canterbury SR12
12/6L.J Speight & Partners LtdParkside Estate, Coldean Lane, Coldeane, Brighton, SussexBrighton SR12
12/7Gilbert Ash LtdTemple Hill, Dartford, KentDartford SR12
12/8R.Costain & Sons (Liverpool) LtdWestgate Court Ave, Canterbury, Kent.Canterbury SR12

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  1. What a fascinating document! I think if you went through all the addresses, you might find quite a few new locations (though obviously it would take a long time!) Both Bath locations are listed. I noticed there was one in Gloucester too so I looked as it’s not so far, and found them on Google Maps in and around Longney Road.

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