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First time poster..I am looking at buying a BISF home mortgage free and wondered what sort of price I would be looking at for a ‘full comprehensive survey’?
Any recommendations?


  1. Sadly we do not have a list of recommended surveyors. I would however suggest that whoever you approach you should ensure that they are proficient with and have experience in undertaking BISF house surveys, as many simply do not have a clue about this type of construction.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Normally a full survey should be in the region of either £350 or £500 if I recall correctly- but make sure you have the owners permission for this to be invasive. Without this the survey will be wasted as it will only be what the surveyor can see which if the interior and exterior have been okish maintained will leave very little to mention which will help you in deciding if the house is worth purchasing.


  3. Hi Bob and welcome. I’m afraid I can’t help you with a price for the survey as I did not have one when we bought the house, but Marc may have an answer.

    I would ask exactly what the survey involves as a full survey of a BISF house should look for the most likely serious problem: corrosion of the bases of the stanchions, especially at the corners of the house. It’s fairly rare, but if the house is going to have a serious problem that will be it. They will need to open up or use a boroscope on the inner lining of the house. Obviously this is a bit destructive.

    You should also make sure the surveyor is familiar with BISF construction otherwise he or she may well not know where to look.


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