A Carlton PRC House

Carlton Precast Reinforced Concrete House

The Carlton Precast Concrete House

Concrete Ltd
Designer/ Architect:
R Pianca & Carlton Contractors
Number Built:

Period Built:
Alternate Names:

Construction Type:

A Carlton PRC House
Example of carlton precast concrete house

Identifying Features
2-storey terraced houses.
Shallow pitch gable roof covered with concrete tiles.
Front and rear external walls of eaves height PRC columns infilled with vertical timber boarding.
Spandrel PC panel at first floor level.
Gable wall of storey height PC panels.
Aluminium fascias.

Surveyors Notes
Vertical cracking of PC columns.
Cracking and spalling of gable and spandrel PC panels.
Carbonation of PC panels.
Low concrete cover to reinforcement in PRC columns.
The system was also used for flats.

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