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ManufacturerConstruction TypeDesignerPeriodAlternate NameNo’s BuiltCruden Homes LtdSteel Frame–1947-1950Cruden Rural3,000 Cruden House Background Information In the post-war years a group of skilled contractors joined forces to form Cruden Houses Limited. In 1946, the company submitted plans to [Read More]

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Furious couple trapped in ‘defective’ house deemed to be worth NOTHING That was the headline of a news article published by the Scottish Tabloid Newspaper, The Daily Record. The article outlined the plight of Lorraine [Read More]

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TYPE: TARRAN CLYDEBACKGROUND & DESCRIPTIONFollowing completion of the Tarran temporary bungalows, the renamed Tarran-Clyde company produced this semi-detached cottage block. Glasgow built a prototype block of 2 units at Garscube in 1947. DATE BUILT  Glasgow; [Read More]

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Historical Document Series This British Iron & Steel Federation archive document shows the actual building cost of each individual B.I.S.F. House, located in the West Molesley area of Surrey. Special attention is drawn to the [Read More]

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Below is a transcript from the original document of our British Iron & Steel Federation Archives. The document is part of a much larger group of the original housing working committee records. Part of the [Read More]

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Part of our Historical Documents Series. The below unsigned report was submitted to the Housing Committee in 1946. The Author had previously visited the prototype housing demonstration site, located in Northolt and viewed the B.I.S.F [Read More]

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During our never ending search for B.I.S.F House related archive material, we came across a very rare photograph indeed . At first glance, the image appeared to show nothing more than men, busily at work [Read More]

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Aberdeen City Council is currently seeking tenders to carry out renovation and refurbishment work on 20 BISF properties in Aberdeen. The planned works comprise of the repair to the fabric & structure of the BISF [Read More]

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During our research we have stumbled across an excellent publication written by the very talented author Mr Ralph Cousins. This publication provides a unique insight into the history and eventual  development of the Leigh Park [Read More]

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In 1957 the Monsanto house was touted as the new home for the future. It combined large plastic panels into a futuristic radical new design, never before seen in the housing market.  Monsanto were convinced [Read More]

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This is a list of current and demolished tower blocks in the Birmingham area. EDGBASTON – 114 Towers LEE BANK (ATTWOOD GREEN) – 49 Towers (14 Towers Demolished) VICE ROY CLOSE – 14 Towers LEE [Read More]

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An External Wall Insulation Solution For Welsh BISF & Prefabricated Housing This article was first published in 2016 Wrexham County Borough Council outline their push in getting homes ready for the Welsh Housing Quality Standard [Read More]

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In the early 1980s, a fire occurred inside a Airey house which caused extensive damage. Most of the internal wall materials had been destroyed leaving the PRC structure exposed to reveal a number of worrying [Read More]

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I came across this very interesting and informative essay written by a student and submitted to the UK Essays website. The paper, titled, ‘Asbestos In Buildings: Types and Health Effects’, describes the various types of [Read More]

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Manufacturer: George Wimpey & Co. Ltd Period built: 1940s–1970s Number built: 300,000 Alternative names: Butterfly, Butterfly No-Fines, Formwall, Gateshead Butterfly, Gateshead No-Fines, No-Fines Wimpey, Wimpey W6M   George Wimpey and Co. developed a system of [Read More]

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BISF House Architectural Building Plans We have a variety of BISF Type A1  architectural building plans in our archive that we shall be sharing over the coming weeks with our members. Our re-touched plans are [Read More]

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Image Gallery showing the Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Frame Stanchion Legs of a BISF House. Stanchion or steel frame corrosion and repairs The chances of your BISF property suffering from severe corrosion to [Read More]

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Trusteel Mk II Also known as: Minox or Trusteel. Manufacturer: Trusteel Corporation (Universal) Ltd. Period Built: 1946–66. Number Built: 20 000. Designer: C.R.Stapleford. Trusteel Identification Characteristics: Bungalows, chalet bungalows and 2-storey detached, semi-detached and terraced [Read More]

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BISF Houses Are Not Defective Under Part XV1 of the Housing Act 1985 Of all the e-mails that we receive here at BISF House, by far the most common relate to home buyers receiving surveys [Read More]

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Hello I currently buying a BISF house in Braintree. It’s my first house and I want to do a huge renovation. I read the whole forum. It’s amazing. First time I heard about BISF houses [Read More]

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Featured BISF Property, Aylesbury Todays featured BISF Property is currently Sold subject to contract after being promoted online by our advertising partner Zoopla, and offered for sale via the online estate agency house  BISF [Read More]

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