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This excellent set of images were taken by our guest user Rusla during the removal and installation of a new back door to their BISF house. The gallery shows every stage of the removal process [Read More]

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I have ripped the inside of my house out. Fireplace gone. Built a new wall in the larger front bedroom close to the edge of the window knocking down the wall in the little room [Read More]

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Hello, We live near Dugdale Crescent in Sutton Coldfield and came across your details while looking into external wall insulation. Are you able to recommend companies who have carried out EWI work locally please? Thanks

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Hello Everyone and welcome to my photographic diary showing how my good friend Mat and I, installed a set of sliding patio doors to the rear of his BISF house. During the installation we made [Read More]

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I am renovating a BISF house in South Wales but have an issue with noisy neighbours. I think this is mostly down to them being noisy but partly due to the poor construction between the [Read More]

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Having lived in a BISF house for 20 odd years we have moved the ground floor layout about to suite our needs various times over the years. When the kids were young we had the [Read More]

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We’re thinking of bringing our Fireplace back into occasional use, has anyone got any advice, or experience of this? Thanks, Sean Having opened up the fire place it looks like it was intended for gas [Read More]

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Hi all, I am wondering if someone can recommend a structural surveyor in the Falkirk area for a BISF house.  I am purchasing one soon and before everything is done I want to get a [Read More]

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Hello everyone! I have just had an offer accepted on my first house (which happens to be a 3 bed BISF home in Bath) I got it for just over 161K which I thought was [Read More]

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Hi all, just thought I’d share our boiler replacement because although I’m sure it’s been done before, I have not heard of anyone replacing the back boiler with a new boiler in the loft. In [Read More]

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Hi, We are in the process of buying an End of Terrace Hills Presweld property.  It is a 1950 Hills Steel Frame with Brick build.  The mortgage lender has agreed to lend money on this [Read More]

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Kitchen Extension – A few questions from a new member. Hi all, just joined the BISF community and I have a couple of questions if anyone can help? 1) I have recently bought a steel [Read More]

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Just found this site and wish I had known it existed before! I grew up in a steel house in Canley, Coventry and they were the topic of some sociological research in late 40s/early 50s [Read More]

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There are many BISF houses in and around my street. Though, the exterior varies considerably. Have some of the houses had external wall insulation (EWI) put on them? I want to make my house as [Read More]

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or information about re-roofing? Our neighbours are looking to get their original asbestos cement roof replaced but have not had much luck getting reasonable quotes. I’m [Read More]

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Hi all! im assuming all bisf house have two cupboards built in in the front bedroom, either side of the chimney? Probably a stupid question, I want to drop a tv cable down into it [Read More]

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Hi again, We are continuing to renovate our house in Sheldon B26. The front door is very wide and I have been told I will need to have a new one made!!. Surrounding council house [Read More]

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Kwik Fit is struggling to renew my quote this year so I am looking for a another (reasonable) provider/quote. Has anyone renewed recently and advise me who with?

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Hi all! Firstly, thanks for all the useful posts and comments on this site – we bought our BISF home last year and have found this site unbelievably useful in answering questions the estate agent [Read More]

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We can all gain by sharing experiences. I’d not realised until informed by Wikipedia that the the UK had c30,000 of these Gibberd-designed houses.  We are a mighty army if we march together.  Given these [Read More]

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Has anyone experience of making external changes to their BISF house? We’re at the pre-planning stage and are considering (small) extensions, (lots of) solar panels, and under-floor heating, I assume in the new build only. [Read More]

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