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Aberdeen City Council is currently seeking tenders to carry out renovation and refurbishment work on 20 BISF properties in Aberdeen. The planned works comprise of the repair to the fabric & structure of the BISF houses and include the application of external wall insulation and external wall render along with re-decoration of the existing windows. […]

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An External Wall Insulation Solution For Welsh BISF & Prefabricated Housing This article was first published in 2016 Wrexham County Borough Council outline their push in getting homes ready for the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by installing External Wall Insulation as a solution for tackling fuel poverty in some of its coldest homes… Wrexham County […]

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HEEPS is the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland. This is the Scottish Governments initiative to tackle fuel poverty and increase energy efficiency in homes. HEEPS is a cluster of programmes currently including: Area Based Schemes (ABS) Warmer Homes Scotland Home Energy Scotland Loan Scheme Equity Loan Pilot Scheme Calls about HEEPS are managed by […]

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Extensive improvement work is due to be carried out to properties on the Plas Madoc Estate. This is part of Wrexham Council’s project to ensure all homes in the County Borough achieve the Welsh Government’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2020. The improvements will include installing External Wall insulation and carrying out roofing improvement work […]

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Dramatic New Makeover for 100 council houses in Coedpoeth Nearly 100 council houses in one local village have undergone a dramatic makeover as part on an ongoing housing improvements project. The houses and flats in the Coedpoeth area have recently benefited from having External Wall Insulation installed on their outside walls. The work is designed […]

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The devastating Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 was, according to reports, made all the worse by the flammability of the insulated rainscreen panels that were affixed to the outside of the building which caused the fire to spread at astonishing speed and as a result 80 lives were tragically lost in the inferno. This […]

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We spend a huge amount of time in our livings rooms. It’s an important retreat, a space to relax, unwind or entertain. It’s the perfect place to leave behind the stresses of the day and unwind. A space that should be calm, yet functional for our everyday needs. Sadly, my living room wasn’t really achieving […]

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A neglected BISF house in Bristol recently became the fictional home of a Heroin addict in the BBC adaptation of JK Rowlings, The Casual Vacancy. 45 Silbury Road was turned into the Drug Den home of Single Mum Krystal Weedon and her Heroin Addict Mother last year by film crews, filming scenes for the three […]

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Editors note: Whenever we write an article here at the BISF House website, we try to be as accurate and as balanced as possible. But today, this article is somewhat of a rant, for which I make no apologies whatsoever. It relates to certain companies that we both respect & admire within the construction industry. […]

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We always like to show you images of renovated or improved properties and from time to time we do see the occassional property that stands out from the crowd, but on this occassion we found a lot more than the odd one. Nestled amongst the hills, on the outskirts of Pontypridd Wales we were surprised […]

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We have discussed the locations and types of low level asbestos that can be found in BISF houses in a previous article which can be found Here We have been asked by Blackwater Law, a company who specialises in Asbestos related injury claims to share the below info-graphic which provides further detail relating to specific Asbestos […]

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This latest article by TIM WEBB – ENERGY EDITOR – THE TIMES NEWSPAPER, outlines business casualties following Government cuts to ECO funding (Energy Companies Obligation). The cuts are ultimately designed to reduce the much resented Government imposed funding that the Big Six energy providers are forced to pay in order to deliver energy saving measures […]

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The Wakefield District Housing £2.1m external structural repair project to 143 BISF  (British Iron and Steel Federation) houses in three areas of Wakefield, Flanshaw, Hemsworth and Chequerfield was finally completed in October 2013. The refurbishment programme saw the houses completely transformed by the Henry Boot Construction team who removed the corrugated steel roof panels, replacing […]

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Those of us familiar with the Governments Green Deal Scheme, already know that uptake by homeowners to date has been, well, very poor to put it mildly. BISF properties are not suitable for cavity wall insulation and are treated as solid wall properties. The most suitable form of insulation for this house type is External […]

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From time to time on BISF House, we feature properties that we consider to be outstanding. This property offered for sale by Agents Stoneshaw is one such property. Take a walk past the standard exterior and enter this superbly designed contemporary interior brimming with style and luxurious features.       Listed at £275.000 it […]

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We have received a large number of e-mails recently from readers asking if a house they have seen is a BISF house or not. Many of the images that we have been sent do indeed show buildings that look remarkably similar to the BISF Houses that we know so well. Many have undergone external renovation […]

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The Valleys  Nicole Morris & Her “Tin House”. The Valleys is an outrageous & raunchy British reality television series based in Cardiff, Wales and broadcast on MTV and follows closely in the footsteps of similar shows such as The Only Way is Essex & Geordie Shaw but with a little more adult humour so to speak. The cast includes a mixture of several Hot […]

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