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Laing Easi-Form The Easi-Form method of building was first designed by Laing and Co in the early 1900’s which involved pouring concrete into various types of mould designs which had been set up on site, otherwise known as in-situ. The first house was successfully constructed in 1919, and a further 5000 dwellings were built during the …read more →

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The reference number listed in front of each house type, is the B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) identification reference for this property type. The B.R.E produce printed reports for some of these house types can purchase from the B.R.E website. S001 Aberdeen Corporation S002 Alderton S003 Arup S004 Banton No-Fines S005 Beco Wallform S006 Blackburn No-Fines …read more →

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