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Alcrete Precast Concrete Manufactured by : The Structural and Mechanical Development Engineers Ltd Designed by: The Bristol Aeroplane (Housing) Co. Period built: 1940s Number built: n/k Alternative names: Alcrete Mk I/ Alcrete Mk II/ Bristol Aeroplane The Alcrete House is sometimes mistakenly misidentified as a BISF House, due to external design similarities. Built as two […]

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Addison PRC Constructed House Designer: H Addison Period built: 1920 Introduction There is very limited information available regarding this particular type of property, constructed from Precast Reinforced Concrete and Timber. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) does not hold any significant information in relation to this construction type, although it is known that a number of […]

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Reema (Hollow Panel) Type PRC Houses Classified as being ‘Defective’ by the Secretary of State under Part XVI of the Housing Act 1985, unless subject to approved repair. Manufactured by Reema Ltd, it is understood that approximately 17,600 houses of this type were known to have been built between 1945 and 1966 (16,000 England, 1,600 […]

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The reference number listed in front of each house type, is the B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) identification reference for this property type. The B.R.E produce printed reports for some of these house types can purchase from the B.R.E website. P001 Adams H1 P002 Adams HVA3 P003 Airey P004 Alcrete P005 AMcK P006 Anglia Type A […]

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Unity Precast Concrete Properties Unity house before EWI – WBS LtdUnity house after EWI -WBS LtdUnity Front Elevation DrawingAs built Unity houseFront ElevationFront Elevation bwUnity Type 2 VariantUnity Type 2 Unity House BristolUnity Bunglow VariantUnity house Terraced VariantUnity house with Gable roof Unity Bungalows BrockworthUnity House BrockworthRefurbished Unity Type I houses Cumberland AvenueRefurbished Unity Type […]

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Airey House – Classified as defective by the Secretary of State under Part XVI of the Housing Act 1985.  The Airey House design was developed by Leeds-based builder, Sir Edwin Airey in the aftermath of the Second World War. It was built on Airey’s earlier experience with concrete housing. He had designed and used the Airey […]

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