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Image Gallery showing the Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Frame Stanchion Legs of a BISF House. The chances of a BISF house suffering from severe corrosion to the frame is fortunately rare, however corrosion [Read More]

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The below images have been kindly supplied to us by A. J Balfour Associates The images shows a number of BISF Houses undergoing inspection and the external repair and refurbishment of these steel framed houses. [Read More]

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Can anyone advise what investigative / opening up works they have done as a purchaser (prior to purchase), in order to ascertain the condition of the steel frame? and what are the likely costs of [Read More]

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Hi me… again! So, this site is rammed full of all sorts of information which is so useful it goes beyond words, I think the only two things that arent covered in REAL detail are [Read More]

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Hey So I popped around to the BISF house I have an offer accepted on to show a friend who’s really keen to get stuck into the garden for me. Anyway on showing him around [Read More]

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Im in the middle of buying a bisf house in sheldon birmingham and  ive just had the building survey come back that states the stanchions were corroded and would require treatment and cleaning off. It [Read More]

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Stanchion Problems Hi Can any one help, Concrete has fallen away from the corner of our house outside where the kitchen is situated, A closer inspection revealed a very rusted and corroded steel upright which [Read More]

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Hi Everyone want to brick up my BISF house, has anyone done this and can you offer any advice! Many thanks in advance for you help

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