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Image Gallery showing the Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Frame Stanchion Legs of a BISF House. The chances of a BISF house suffering from severe corrosion to the frame is fortunately rare, however corrosion at the base of the stanchion legs does occasionally occur, particularly in properties that have not been well maintained or […]

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The below images have been kindly supplied to us by A. J Balfour Associates The images shows a number of BISF Houses undergoing inspection and the external repair and refurbishment of these steel framed houses. The images were taken by members of the A.J. Balfour team who are specialists in consulting civil & structural engineering. […]

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Can anyone advise what investigative / opening up works they have done as a purchaser (prior to purchase), in order to ascertain the condition of the steel frame? and what are the likely costs of the work including making good afterward? Thanks. Mike.

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Hi me… again! So, this site is rammed full of all sorts of information which is so useful it goes beyond words, I think the only two things that arent covered in REAL detail are external cladding (from a what are the various options are) and-the reason Im posting- Stanchoin repair. Now the place Ive […]

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Hey So I popped around to the BISF house I have an offer accepted on to show a friend who’s really keen to get stuck into the garden for me. Anyway on showing him around I noticed something I didn’t the first- the ccracks on the adjoining edge to the outhouse. Now I’m assuming this […]

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Im in the middle of buying a bisf house in sheldon birmingham and  ive just had the building survey come back that states the stanchions were corroded and would require treatment and cleaning off. It also stated that the bottom part of the house needs to be render Has anyone else come across this problem […]

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Stanchion Problems Hi Can any one help, Concrete has fallen away from the corner of our house outside where the kitchen is situated, A closer inspection revealed a very rusted and corroded steel upright which needs replacing urgently. How do we support the main structure while we attempt replacing the deteriorated steel corner upright

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Hi Everyone want to brick up my BISF house, has anyone done this and can you offer any advice! Many thanks in advance for you help

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