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Hi All,

I wonder if you might help I have been living in my BISF house for 4 years now and love the size of the rooms however the issue I have is in the winter they get really cold, We have quite a few still owned by the council around me and they have all be re-done externally and look lovely but being private this would be on me to do out of my own pocket, not bitter at all :-)... The question I have is does anyone know whether I can apply the EPS (Polystyrene) boards to uPVC cladding that I have on the 1st floor? I have searched everywhere on the internet and can not find anything, as I am thinking of doing this myself and want to make sure I have all the information.

Thanks in advance



Hi Chris, you can apply the boards to the upper storey of the property but you would need to remove the plastic cladding first. It's quite a simple process as the cladding is usually screwed onto battens and it comes away very easily.

Here's a video showing the entire process in time lapse which is actually pretty straightforward apart from the render, which needs to be applied by a plasterer or renderer.

It's a shame that you missed out on the Green Deal Scheme a few years ago. The Government paid up to £6k toward the cost of EWI, leaving a balance of around £2.5k to be paid by the homeowner.

My house was insulated under that scheme and I set up a street wide scheme where 20 or so of my privately owned neighbours properties were insulated too.

A new scheme has just been relaunched but as yet, we do not know what the funding situation will be with regard to EWI, other than a loan, to be paid back on top of your energy bills.

We are eagerly waiting for more information to be released.

Here's the video

You could always insulate from the inside walls or simply overboard your current plasterboard with insulated plasterboard but that too can be a big job.


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