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Hi Everyone.

First post so I have a lot to learn.

I am in the middle of buying a House (offer accepted) I am told by the housing company that now manage the estates it is on that is a Reema built in 1951. It has been lived in by the same person since 1954 and it seems to be in good overall condition. I am lucky in that I dont need a mortgage and the property ticks all the boxes for me, but information about the houses is hard to come by.

I do want a specialist survey but I simply dont know where to start. I am having trouble with google finding me what i want (property is in Wiltshire).

A number of the houses have been re-skinned with Brick to insulate and make mortgagale. I knocked on a neighbours door who have done it and they were quite helpful. I also already have a quote to do it but was wondering if I should wait a couple of years. My biggest issue is making sure my daughters don't miss out and have a difficult to sell property if something happens to me. (they are young so living there wouldn't be an option).

I dont know how standard the Reemas are, its 3 bed and wall between the dining room and living space seems to be plasterboard and framed. (I have been told its simple to remove) But the wall between the (small) kitchen and dining room is solid and I would like to take it out to make a better kitchen area.  I dont know if this is do-able. If not i live with it but I would like a nice kitchen diner.

Sorry its so long, but there is so much to learn about these houses. Mainly DIY related post purchase . Bathroom Vents, cable runs and suchlike.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers. I will share as much as I can hee about my ongoing experience one I am in!



Well things have moved on and i exchange and complete on the 3rd.

After a lot of hunting i couldnt get a specialist to give me a concrete survey.

I have had two quotes to reskin the house with brick and insulation, giving me a PRC certificate. I am hoping to get them to start the work by the end of January!

The EPC came back with an E rating! which i guess is standard for a house of this type.

I am hoping to run network cables round the outside of the house prior to the insulation and bricks going on as I want to put CAT 6 cable into each room. I need to speak to the builder when he turns up to finalise the quote next week.





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