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Hi, my partner and I bought our bisf house in August 17 and are renovating the entire house. We have had planning permission for a two storey side extension to have either one large or two small bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen diner below. We want to extend the living room to the back of the house and make the kitchen into a smaller utility room. Has anyone removed the steel between living room and dining room? (It’s behind the fireplace) Would it be possible? 
Hoping for a solution to our problem as we want it to look like one room, thanks, Zara

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Hello Zara, apologies for not replying sooner but I completely missed your post for some reason.

Generally speaking the central support stanchion located behind the fireplace should not be removed as it it is the central support for the entire upper floor of the house.

The majority of open plan conversions that we see attempt to incorporate the central stanchion into the design with varying success. That is not to say that you can't undertake what you are proposing but it would almost certainly require the services of a structural engineer to devise a solution that would not undermine the integrity of the exisiting frame. Any support structure would most likely need to be self supporting as it probably would not be connectable to the existing frame. You would also need to get this work approved by your local planning department, which from my experience, is easier said than done when removing portions of the existing steel framework. 

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