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I would like to know if it is possible to extend out the rooms on the side of the house (bathroom and bedroom) - on the upper level, when you have a BISF house? 
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Hello Cornelia and welcome.
Generally speaking, the answer is no, you cannot extend the current rooms into a new side extension because this would require a number of supporting stanchions to be completely removed which could potentially undermine the entire structure.
You will find that most planning departments will only allow you to access the new extension at a point that sits between the existing vertical upright stanchions, which most frequently means turning the existing landing window into a doorway with some minor adjustment to the upper staircase and landing floor.
I undertook a quick search online for extended BISF properties and found the following floorplan which illustrates the access point.


I say generally speaking because much will depend upon the view of your local planning authority and also the views of a structural engineer, should you wish to employ one. There may be a way of providing additional structural support to allow for the opening up of these walls into the extension but I suspect that this could soon become a very costly venture with no guarantee of approval.


Thank you very much for your detailed and clear answer  Admin. 


You're very welcome Cornelia and thank you for taking the time to respond.



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