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Heat Loss  



What are peoples average heat loss over night, say you heat a property to 20 degrees and leave the heating of over night what would be your temperature in the morning?

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Hello Jon,
I don't have any physical data on this myself but it is a very good and intriguing question.
I only have access to an externally insulated property at the moment but I will set up a thermometer to record the drop in temperature.
Bearing in mind that we are in the middle of winter, so even with the EWI present, I suspect that the temperature drop may be quite rapid but it would be good to know the eventual base temperature by morning.
I'll let you know how it goes.


I conducted an overnight non scientific experiment last night within the open plan living room/dining room/ Kitchen area of the externally insulated BISF house last night and obtained the following measurements:

23.00 hrs  -  Temp = 22c  Wall mounted flueless gas fire on medium setting.
Turned gas fire off with only pilot light active.

07.00 hrs - Temp = 19c   Outdoor temperature 8c

So overall in this case, the result was better than what I had anticipated.

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