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Hi guys need help

Bought a tarran newland council house an was wanting to remove wall between kitchen an dining room  

So are there any load bearing walls at all an can I remove said wall without the house falling down!!?? Thanks guys

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Welcome to the forum and apologies for the delay.

According to my research data, the Tarran Newland house has:

A Separating wall: Constructed from Precast Reinforced Concrete panel cavity wall, faced with timber studs and lined with plasterboard and internal partitions of timber stud, lined with plasterboard.

Sadly my data does not indicate if the separating wall is actually the party wall or a load bearing wall running through the centre of the house. This would indicate that some internal walls may be non load-bearing but as I am not too familiar with the Newland house personally, I am unable to identify exactly which internal wall (if any) is load bearing.

I have written up a post for you regarding the Tarran-Newland house, which I hope you may find useful here.

If you do manage to identify which walls are stud partitions and which are not, would you please let us know for the benfit of others in similar situation.

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Thanks for the info....Marc ? I'll try and find out abit more about these houses if poss we have a history centre in our town centre so maybe il pop in there and get some info


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