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The Green Deal Is Back 2017

The Government’s energy efficient, home improvement loan scheme, the Green Deal, has just been relaunched – but this time it is being funded by the private sector. The first 3 loans have been issued according to Kilian Pender, the new Green Deal Finance Company chief executive. What is the Green Deal? The Green Deal was a Government scheme […]

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A.J Balfour BISF House Frame Inspection & Repair
Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

BISF Houses Are Not Defective Under Part XV1 of the Housing Act 1985 Of all the e-mails that we receive here at BISF House, by far the most common relate to home buyers receiving surveys whereby the Survyor has wrongly labelled a BISF house as “Defective under Prt XV1 of the Housing Act 1985. Before […]

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Hawksley BL8 Aluminium Bungalow

The BL8 Bungalow is an aluminium framed system constructed between 1948 and 1950 and are semi-detached and detached units. Manufacturer: A W Hawksley Ltd – Bristol Aeroplane Co. Forms: Detached, semi-detached and terraced bungalows Built between 1948 -1950 AKA: Permanent Aluminium Bungalow, BL8D Aluminium Bungalow, Blackburn, Hawksley Aluminium Bungalow BL8 , BL8D Total Built Appx 55,000 Constructed almost entirely of aluminium, the […]


Looking for complete roof contractor in NW london  


I am looking for BISF roof contractor in NW2 London , The property needs new roof/Loft and new walls and ceilings , the property has already been extended .  Can any one help me to find a contractor pls. Regards


(Admin Note) This question was copied to the forum by Admin. The original poster was Azita

Edited: 3 months  ago

Hello Azita, as per our telephone conversation on Saturday I have contacted Paul Leer of Regent Maintenance & Regent Roofing LTD who will be in touch with you shortly.
We sincerely hope everything goes well with your repairs and if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Regent Roofing 01325 360543


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