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Plasterboarding downstairs ceiling in a Reema Hollow Panel house  



Hello, I am looking to replaster the ceilings in the kitchen and living room  of my house which is Reema Hollow Panel construction. The kitchen and bathroom ceilings currently have polystyrene tiles. I know the floor joists above these rooms are concrete so I am wondering how to attach the plasterboard as I assume I will not be able to screw the boards into the concrete joists.

any advice on how to attach the boards would be very welcome.



2 Answers

Hello Mick

It is my understanding, that the narrow-sectioned reinforced concrete floor beams of the first floor, generally have timber fillets cast into their top facing to receive the fixings for the tongued-and-grooved floor boarding. Therefore, I would assume that a similar timber fillet may also be present on the underside of the beams to receive the fibreboard or plasterboard fixings.

Are there any visible signs of fixing nails or screws when looking directly at the ceiling?



You could always batten the ceiling, using say 2x1 it would drop the ceiling height a little but would get around the issue of fixing the plasterboard to the ceiling  

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