PRC home in Lacashire  



We have a parkinson framed (concrete frame) house and are looking to get it fully repaired and then get a certificate for which it would then be mortgageable. we have had a few people look at it and all say different things.

Has anyone done this before?

Rough estimate of cost for rebuild?

Can anyone recommend a architect or company that would do the work in the Lancashire area? 


Just looking for some advice as we are know nothing about this and everyone seems to be telling us different answers and prices.


Thank you in advance.



Hello Dawn

Sorry to hear that you're encountering some difficulties with your property.

As you know the Parkinson house can be repaired by an approved PRC repair company. I think the main problems that you face in your case are twofold.

The first being finding a suitable company within reasonable proximity to where you live and secondly, trying to obtain the best possible price to complete the job and allow your property to be mortgageable.

In your situation I think cost will be a major issue as the Parkinson house is generally considered far more difficult to repair than a Unity or Airey constructed property due to the actual structure of the house.

These other types are self supporting, so when being repaired, the wall panels can be totally removed and replaced with new brickwork but it's not no simple with a Parkinson house as the actual framework also needs to be repaired which drives up the cost dramatically.

The cost for a Parkinson repair can easily range between the higher end of £50k up to £90k. The price can also be affected if you have any number of extensions added to your existing property which makes repair far more difficult as access to the adjoining walls is limited.

In essence, a Parkinson house can sometimes cost up to two or three times more to repair than some other build types.

Fortunately, different companies can often provide wildly different quotations and at least this allows you to shop around. You could initially try using the Building Research Establishments search facility for PRC repair companies in the UK.

Simply type in your postcode and it will provide you with a Nationwide list of approved repairers. I have attached a direct link to their website below.


Let me know how you progress and good luck!

It would be great to hear from other Parkinson homeowners about their experiences toward PRC repairs.



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