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I purchased my home 2007 have valuation from Halifax surveyor staying my home was Levitt Cartwright Construction. Forward 12 years married kids want partner on mortgage going through product transfer with Natwest as they now lend on Levitt Cartwright thy my had a surveyor come round who has stated it is a house of Wate construction and will not lend. I have seen paperwork from Leeds city council and my street is down twice stating Wates and Levitt Cartwright. My house is different layout to the house opposite so I believe possible two companies both built on my street. Question is how can I find out for definite who built my home, my advisor has council checking archives as surely there should be a record of which company built which house any help would be appreciated as it stands I have been advised it’s aWates so I feel I have over paid for a house which wasn’t worth it and will stuggle to seek in the future.


any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Michaela, sorry for the delay but we have been out of the office during the Christmas period.

If you can let me know the general postcode I should be able to assist you.

I have the non traditional build type listing from Leeds City Council but without knowing your location, I can't really check for you.

If you don't want to publish the exact location here, you can always send me the details via e-mail at


Thank you for the reply but I have managed to get archive from Leeds City Council stating my house is a Levitt Cartwright so all is fine.


thanks again for the reply.

So glad you managed to get it sorted Michaela and thank you for the update.

Just for reference, if anyone else finds themselves in a similar predicament, you can view a list of Leeds Council Non-Traditional property locations by postcode, simply by visiting our Council Non-Traditional Stock listings on this page Council Stock Lists.

Also, we have it on good authority that Knight Grindrod Chartered Surveyors of Leeds have considerable experience with Levitt-Cartwright houses in the area.

Contact details below:

Knight Grindrod Chartered Surveyors
275b Otley Road, West Park
Leeds, LS16 5LN

Tel: 0113 293 0600

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