Refused remortgage on Wimpey no-fines  



I bought a Wimpey no-fines house in Norwich Croft B37 five years ago and got a mortgage without issue. I want to remortgage and approached a new lender who sent a valuer/surveyor, they have got back to me to say the house is on the 1984 defective house types list and I must have a PRC repair certificate to be offered a mortgage, having looked at the list I don't believe this is the case and many other properties in the road are sold/bought seemingly without issue but wanted to confirm.

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Hello Jools23

Sorry to see that no one has yet replied to your question.

There are two possibilities in your case.

The first could be that your house may not be a Wimpey No Fines house or second, and more likely, the surveyor has wrongly classified your house as being of PRC (Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete) construction.

This type of issue arises frequently in our forums due to a large number of surveyors having little or no experience with Non Standard Constructions.

We first need to establish exactly what type of house you have. I'm pretty certain that your property is likely to be a Wimpey No Fines but we need to confirm this 100%.

Can you forward me your postcode and house number to [email protected] and I'll take a look on Google StreetView. 



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