Screws at top of stairs?  



Hey all, this is a real shot in the dark! Any idea what the two screws at either side of the top stair do? Are they important?

When I loosen/remove the one on the right (looking up) the wood visible the other side seems to go loose.. but I’ve no idea what use that serves other than acting as a base for the landing edge to go. 

Anyone know? I’d rather remove and smooth them over since they protrude. 




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Hi Grangey, those screws secure the standalone metal staircase to timbers attached to parts of the surrounding metal frame. The location of the screws does appear to vary but this may be due to either the fitters preference or to the location of the securing battens.

Take a look at the image below which has different screw holes to your image.

IMG 20200117 113715


You've probaly seen this second image before.

staircase 4

Just for reference, I've also found an old image previously posted by member Silent Assasin that just about shows the location of the top newell post on a stripped out landing.

bisf landing newell

Finally, although it doesn't appear to show much that may be of use for the newell post locations, here's an image of the staircase in situ. It's just a pity one wasn't taken from the opposite side too.

IMG 0460



Did you manage to get it sorted Grangey?

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