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Sellick Nichols - Construction type and years built  



Is it classed as concrete or timber frame? Does anyone have any more information on the construction and where I might get details of original drawings please.

Thank you

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Hello and welcome  Pepsimax123.

There isn't a house construction type that is specifically named as a Sellick Nichols house.

Selleck Nicholls & Co were a manufacturing company who worked alongside the Central Cornwall Concrete & Artificial Stone Company to produce over 30,000 Cornish Type I and Type II houses in the UK from 1945 through to the 1960's.

These properties were constructed from Precast Reinforced Concrete which is commonly known as PRC construction. Both of these construction types are designated as defective under specific housing legislation in England & Wales, which basically means they are unmortgageable unless they have been fully repaired under a Government approved repair scheme.

Original plans and drawings are scarce I'm afraid, but you can find more information regarding the Cornish Type I house at the link below. The type II house was designed slightly differently but overall, the construction was method remained similar to the Type I.

If you can provide a postcode of the street in general, I would be able to confirm which property you are referring to.





Good afternoon,


thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my email. Your information is very useful.  The properties I am particularly referring to are concrete cross wall construction and timber frame to the front and rear of the properties.  Please see below google maps with street view;

<a href=" removed link "> removed link

If you have more knowledge to share on this type of construction I would be grateful.

I would very much like to try and obtain a copy of the original plans and drawings to these buildings if you have any pointers.

Thanks again




Hello Maxine, 

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, as you are a newly registered user, our spam protection systems remove posted links until you have created a certain number of posts. This is designed to prevent spam accounts and posts, promoting dubious and counterfeit products from Asia.

I have now removed this restriction from your account and would be grateful if you would re-post the street view link. 

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Hi Mark no problem and thank you again for your time with this research.  

Yes I am particularly interested in the construction of properties being cross wall concrete to the left and right and timber frame with infill panels to the front and rear of the houses. Such as the ones as on google maps in Crawley. Please see below;,+Crawley+RH10+6QR/@51.105378,-0.1647022,3a,75y,4.47h,87.04t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgI1pi5VY9FwQUn-DlNoXoQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x4875f1f2830ce2c7:0xa0f111b96763d680!8m2!3d51.1058287!4d-0.1642737


I'm having a hard time finding some technical drawings and any other information on the construction methods and Uvalue readings for these properties.  

This is for the purpose of my dissertation and looking at improving the thermal efficiency through retrofit insulation. If you have any information on related articles, journals and overall pointers I would be very grateful.


Thank you again for your time with this.


Kind regards


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