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Trying to identify House  




Could anyone on here identify exactly what type of house the following image is as I cannot get a difinitive answer from anyone.

Please see attached image, address is Whittlesea Road, Harrow,  HA3


birdseye view Whittlesea
2 Answers

Hi Joe, Welcome to the forums.

The house appears to be an Orlit type II, Precast Concrete constructed house, otherwise known as PRC. Unfortunately, the Orlit house is designated as defective in England & Wales, which means that unless it has been repaired under a government approved repair scheme, you will be unlikely to find a lender who would be willing to accept the property as security for lending purposes.

You can find more details about Orlit Houses here: LINK

If the property has been repaired correctly under an approved scheme, the owner should be in possession of a valid repair certificate which may help to secure a mortgage if required. Otherwise properties that have been designated as defective are usually only sold to cash buyers and usually at below market values.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away.



It would have been nice if Joe would have at least thanked you for taking the time to investigate and identify the property for him.
He even stated he couldn't get an answer from anyone, yet Admin take the time to respond and don't even get a thank you.

I see this happen all too often here and it's very dissapointing to see.

Keep up the great work Marc.


Hi Marc,

Thanks very much for taking the time to find out for me, I really appreciate it. Sorry could not send message earlier as I was out of the country with limited internet access.


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