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My daughter had an offer accepted for a house in Glebeville Leek Staffs/ She was not made aware on viewing the property that it was a Dennis Wild steel framed house. It was only at the point that the Nationwides surveyor went to do the home Buyers survey that he / she discovered it (the vendor and estate agent were well aware I might add) As a result they said no survey was possible as it was a non standard and after a few phone calls the only survey they could offer was a valuation.

One was done and a mortgage was offered earlier this week. However, we do not have at this time any comment made by the surveyor. We decided that a survey of the steel structure was required and have spoken to a surveyor who can do it in 3 weeks.

Their survey will we understand be from inside the house at two points and will require two holes to be cut into the plasterboard 200 mm by 150 mm. They require it done before they do the survey and of course will not put it right after.

The vendor has now said he is not prepared to wait 3 weeks (his solicitor says that's not fair!) and moreover having modernised and renovated the property he does not want damage caused. His view is a mortgage offer has been made therefore nothing is wrong with the house so we should proceed.

Research here and elsewhere shows you need to see the steels (he didn't have a survey of any sort) and my daughter is now faced with a difficult decision on a house for the second time this year.

Any comment or advice would be welcome.

As a PS this area does not appear on the map on this site - there are a cluster of 8 or so houses with the rendered upper floor and more nearby with the tiled effect on the upper floor all of whom may well be non standard.


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Hello Mhorden,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to reply until today having spent several weeks in hospital. 

As several weeks have now passed and before I respond further, may I ask if your situation has progressed any further?




Hi Marc

Hope you are recovered now?

We had a bit of a roller coaster but after getting a survey appointment a week earlier (more money, however) and getting the vendor to see sense - ie house for first-time buyer so even if it went back on the market a prospective buyer would want a structural survey.

He agreed and agreed to pay for the repairs post-survey if daughter went ahead with the purchase. The survey was done week before last and the result was the steels were in excellent condition and the house was good to go. She completes tomorrow. 

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