Weird things by back door  



Can someone please tell me what the two rather strange round discs are that  are in the porch next to the coal hole? I’ve tried pulling, twisting and I can’t fathom what they are. Whatever they are the previous occupant kept them well painted, though badly!

I’ll take a couple of photos tomorrow. 


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Hi BarbnBen, thank you for providing the images.

Those are metal ventilation covers that sit directly on top of an air vent which fascilitates the free flow of air directly into the cavity of the house. The air flow helps to reduce moisture that may otherwise condense on the surface of the steel frame causing corrosion. 

The mushroom stlye design was intended to help limit strong draughts from entering the house yet still allowing for air circulation. They aren't the most attractive of wall features but they do perform quite well generally. Some homeowners have replaced them with more modern rectangular air vents whilst others have covered theirs completely after having external insulation fitted. Whilst I have visited several of the latter properties, I myself haven't found any significant reduction in cavity air flow as a result.

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